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    PEDS DC Isolators

    Various Mounting Options: HM/PM/DB/DC/Enclosure etc.

    “Designed for solar power generation system, widely used in the market of photovoltaic inverters.
    The modular design is adopted to realize the isolation and breaking of the circuit.
    which has been certified with TUV,CE,CB,SAA,UL,CCC certification.
    —— “Switch to Safety! ”

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    Projoy Electric

    Has a Professional R&D Team of the Solar Industry

    "Professional, Intelligent and Modular product line direction
    International Management and Sales Team, Independent Intellectual Property Rights and Core Patents
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Welcome to Projoy Electric Projoy - Professional DC Isolator, PV Switch etc. energy intelligent equipment & components Supplier

Projoy PV DC Switch Highlights

PROJOY PV Products

The latest PROJOY PEDS series pv DC Switch, designed for the 1500V PV system, has many features:

Meet the demand of 1500V PV System, satisfy Inverter with 6 MPPT tracking design, smaller and more refined, high standard test certification, diversity, etc..

With CE, SAA, TUV, UL, UL508i 1000v, etc. international certifications. The Enclosure DC Isolator(PEDS150-ELR-X) products have been widely used in pv systems in UK, Australia, France, India and Italy, etc. Projoy has become one of the main DC Isolator suppliers of many well-known solar inverter manufacturers like Huawei and Sungrow.

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Projoy newest PEFS series of fast-shutdown switches making sure PV stations working safely

Projoy newest PEFS series of fast-shutdown switches making sure PV stations working safely

Projoy’s PEFS series of fast shutoff - effectively ensures the safety of PV power stations. Seize the valuable time to put out fires, Isolate PV modules completely, Reset automatically, Extend the lifetime of inverters, etc. 2018/9/11 16:28:38

PROJOY Cage series DC isolator first passed the latest SAA(DC-PV2) and RCM in Australia

Recently, the professional PV cage DC switch PEDSC series launched by Projoy has successfully obtained the new SAA certification from Australia and became the first DC isolation switch manufacturer to pass the latest SAA (DC-PV2) and RCM requirements in Australia. 2018/7/20 15:27:54

Projoy Electric showed up SNEC in May

The world's most professional SENC PV POWER EXPO 2018 international conference on solar photovoltaic (PV) and (Shanghai) exhibition was held in Shanghai on May 28th 2018. 2018/6/4 17:31:11



Date: 16-18 October, 2018
Location: Birmingham
Booth: P71

A principle of selecting DC Isolators for PV Systems

A principle of selecting DC Isolators for PV Systems

The PV DC Isolator is one of the most important parts for the PV system safety, whose reliability and stability relate to the stable generation and profit of photovoltaic systems, as well as the safe and reliable operation. 2015/10/14 10:55:11

What changes will be brought into the Selection of PV Module, Inverter, and DC Switch concerning the new 1500V voltage Standard?

The development of 1500v voltage photovoltaic components has become a trend. 2015/6/18 13:58:02

China introduces 20-year PV subsidy policy to boost solar power

China’s latest solar policy aims to boost PV power developments across the BRIC country China has announced policies to boost solar power developments in the BRIC country. 2013/10/3 10:21:31

China PV policy roadmap calls for 60GW by 2020

The SEMI PV Group released "China's Solar Future -- A Recommended China PV Policy Roadmap 2.0," a report containing specific recommendations for a China photovoltaic (PV) policy roadmap. 2013/5/31 10:13:18