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New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing

2017/3/10 19:01:15 Original: Projoy DC Switch
Key Words: PROJOY Isolator, passed 9999 times on load life testing

The PV DC isolator is used to turn on and off the circuit. Therefore, how long the isolator can be used, that is, how many times to operate, is the main basis to evaluate the quality of PV DC isolators

What is the lifetime of a DC isolator?

The life of a PV DC isolator is generally expressed by its permissible operating frequency. “Operation once” means a working cycle when the isolator is switched on and off once, and the number of operations per hour of the isolator is called the operating frequency.

Solar isolators life indicators, including mechanical life and electrical life: ① Mechanical life: The operation times without load. Mainly depends on the stability of the mechanical structure and the mechanical strength of parts; ② Electrical life: The operation times on load, mainly depends on the wear resistance of the contact.

For the PV electrical products, IEC in 2016 updated the new standard. In accordance with the requirements of the new standard IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015, PV DC isolator must meet 300 times electricity life and 9700 times mechanical life requirements under the rated voltage & current condition.

Amazing 9999 times on load test!

PROJOY is a professional electrical manufacturer who has been committed to providing DC switches, intelligent components and sensors for energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management since its inception. Since the launch of PEDS series 1500V DC switch in 2015, we are committed to the improvement of PV isolator.

Recently, through the experimental test of GROWATT, PROJOY (PEDS150R-PM40-4) DC isolator new launched in 2016, has passed 9999 times lifetime test.

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing
PROJOY DC isolator – 9999 times experiment on load

According to the Growatt testers, it was conducted to test the life of the DC isolator at maximum current / voltage. They set experimental standard as 800V nominal current, 5S opening time and 3S turn off time. In accordance to the standard, PROJOY photovoltaic DC isolators passed 9999 times test.

The experiment results also let Growatt R & D staff joy, this time they take the experimental conditions much higher than the EC60947-3 request(1s opening & 29s off ), and the experimental results 999 times are much higher than the IEC proposed 300 times.

PROJOY isolators Opening & Off time can be less than 2ms

In addition to the amazing on load lifetime, PROJOY isolator also has the industry’s fastest shutdown capability. Last year, experiments show that the opening time of the PROJOY isolator is only 0.128ms, and the turn-off time is only 1.458ms.

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing
PROJOY DC isolator—opening time 0.128ms

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing
PROJOY DC isolator—turn-off time 1.458ms

While the common isolators in the market, cut-off ability is more than 3ms

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing
Europe an X series of brands said 3ms off capacity

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing
Europe a SI series of brands said 5ms off capacity

PROJOY multi-national certification promote the international market

PROJOY isolators are affirmed by Growatt, Zeversolar(SMA), Sungrow, Kstar, East, SAJ, JFY, Trannergy, Sofar, Omnik since official launched in 2015. And also has been volume sold to the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Italy. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of various customers, PROJOY isolators have passed Germany TüV certification, Australia SAA certification, the United States UL certification, China CE certification, and also a number of utility model patents & EU appearance patent.

Deepen the PV industry, by using advanced production equipment & sophisticated testing equipment, introducing high-tech process and advanced skills-oriented talent manufacturing and quality control to provide a strong guarantee. And as can correctly grasp the market trends, accurate positioning of customer needs, PROJOY electric has become the inverter and photovoltaic power plant program of the world’s leading suppliers.

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing
PROJOY new products suit for 30 ~ 100kW solar inverter

A principle of selecting DC Isolators for PV Systems Generally speaking, an inverter, power rating at 1kW ~ 3kW, is designed with single MPPT; 3kW ~ 30kW with dual MPPT's or few triple. For external DC Isolators, you can choose 4 Pole, 6 Pole, 8 Pole for multi-string solar panels or select 2 Pole for one string of solar panel, based on the different system design.

DC Isolators, AC Isolators, PV Isolator Switch and more solar Products Reduce and Extinguish the Arc Effects, High working voltage, Higher Protection Level, With CE, SAA, TUV, UL, UL508i 1000v, etc. international certifications. Projoy DC Switch: Switch to Safety!

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