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Projoy newest PEFS series of fast-shutdown switches making sure PV stations working safely

Projoy newest PEFS series of fast-shutdown switches making sure PV stations working safely

2018/9/11 16:28:38 Projoy’s PEFS series of fast shutoff - effectively ensures the safety of PV power stations. Seize the valuable time to put out fires, Isolate PV modules completely, Reset automatically, Extend the lifetime of inverters, etc.

2018/7/20 15:27:54

PROJOY Cage series DC isolator first passed the latest SAA(DC-PV2) and RCM in Australia

Recently, the professional PV cage DC switch PEDSC series launched by Projoy has successfully obtained the new SAA certification from Australia and became the first DC isolation switch manufacturer to pass the latest SAA (DC-PV2) and RCM requirements in Australia.

2018/6/4 17:31:11

Projoy Electric showed up SNEC in May

The world's most professional SENC PV POWER EXPO 2018 international conference on solar photovoltaic (PV) and (Shanghai) exhibition was held in Shanghai on May 28th 2018.

2017/12/21 13:21:15

Full types & multi-contacts of PROJOY electric PV DC Isolator passed UL508i certificate

Recreate the NO.1 UL certification in China PV market, world's first isolator to pass the IEC 60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 new standard test and the only DC isolator in China to pass the 40A, 55ATUV certificate.

2017/7/20 17:04:16

PROJOY Electric debuts 2017 Global Smart Inverter Application Technology Summit

PROJOY became the world's first isolaor manufacturers who passed the IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 new standard in 2017. At the same time, PROJOY is also the only manufactures owned the 40A, 55ATUV certificate.

2017/7/4 19:37:28

PROJOY ELECTRIC fully supports the 2017 Global Smart Inverter Application Technology Summit and makes important reports

For the PV low-voltage electrical products, IEC International Electrotechnical Commission in 2016 updated the new standard IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015. In contrast to the old standard IEC60947-3 (ed.3.1): 2012, the new standard also poses a higher demand for product performance

2017/6/25 20:34:28

PROJOY DC isolator won the world's first IEC latest standard (IEC60947-3(ed.3.2):2015) TUV certification

From the beginning of 2015, 1500V photovoltaic system has gradually become the market mainstream. In order to adapt to the new trend, from 2015 photovoltaic DC isolator manufacturer PROJOY Electric co ltd is committed to the rated voltage 1500V new DC switch design and development.

2017/3/10 19:01:15

New record! PROJOY passed 9999 times on load life testing

The PV DC isolator is used to turn on and off the circuit. Therefore, how long the isolator can be used, that is, how many times to operate, is the main basis to evaluate the quality of PV DC isolators

2016/10/24 11:17:20

Same "DC isolator" and big difference

In recent years, due to improper selection of DC isolators, resulting in overheating, leakage and sparks, and even fire, continue to occur in the PV power station.

2016/10/14 19:09:03

Small switch, the big role, "PV poverty alleviation" should not cut corners

President Xi Jinping in April this year, visited the Anhui Jinzhai photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, which caused hot of the PV poverty alleviation.

2016/8/25 8:08:42

PROJOY ELECTRIC is invited to visit the headquarters of SMA Germany, PEDS products eligible for awards

22th June-24th June 2016, with long time good reputation, the most influential PV exhibition” Intersolar Europe” was held in Intersolar EXPO Munich Germany. As a professional electrical manufacturer...

2016/6/29 20:07:33

PROJOY Launched PEDB series upmarket PV Electric Box with Higher safety and reliability

PROJOY’s PEDB series PV Electric boxes are suitable for a 1~2* strings MPPT input in 1kW ~ 20kW PV system. Pioneering design, integrated DC and AC power distribution into one box.

2016/3/17 14:29:42

Statement from PROJOY: Who said Infringement?

PROJOY’s PEDS series have been patented in China and EU. Before all products went in production, PROJOY had made detailed comparisons of both products and the conclusion is that our products have not caused any conflicts of intellectual property.

2015/11/26 15:12:53

PROJOY 2016 PROMO Shows Brand Glory and Quality

Benefiting the world and illuminating the future! As PROJOY slogan, it shows the best interpretation of the spirit of enterprise. PROJOY 2016 promo was recently finished where there shows the corporate culture, R&D capability, international marketing and other aspects of strength of PROJOY.

2015/11/19 13:24:21

Coming icebreaking, PROJOY new arrivals may open a new page to solutions to PID

Projoy has launched a new product -Anti PID device, which adopts the principle of reversible PID, where during the night a positive bias voltage is imposed onmodules and hencethe PID effect is neutralised.

2015/6/18 14:16:46

PROJOY Launched PEDS series DC switches dedicated for 1500V photovoltaic systems

PROJOY recently introduced the new DC rated voltage 1500V PEDS series switch, including panel mounting, single hole mounting, distribution board and enclosure DC switch with IP66 waterproof rating.

2015/5/29 9:41:47

Why use a PROJOY Solar Isolator?

True DC Isolators, Bridge Contacts, Independent Switching Action Interacts with a Spring Mechanism, Reduce and Extinguish the Arc Effects, Stringent Electrical Specification, Higher Protection Level, Anti-misoperation Design, Strong Environment Adaptability

A principle of selecting DC Isolators for PV Systems Generally speaking, an inverter, power rating at 1kW ~ 3kW, is designed with single MPPT; 3kW ~ 30kW with dual MPPT's or few triple. For external DC Isolators, you can choose 4 Pole, 6 Pole, 8 Pole for multi-string solar panels or select 2 Pole for one string of solar panel, based on the different system design.

DC Isolators, AC Isolators, PV Isolator Switch and more solar Products Reduce and Extinguish the Arc Effects, High working voltage, Higher Protection Level, With CE, SAA, TUV, UL, UL508i 1000v, etc. international certifications. Projoy DC Switch: Switch to Safety!

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