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PEDB Combiner Box Product Details

PEDB 3000SN-0M (PEDB-SN Series, For Micro-Inverter System)

PROJOY-Combiner Box-PEDB 3000SN-0M

    1. Since the output of the micro-inverter is through AC bus, and DC-AC convertion is done by the converter itself, all micro-inverter system outputs do not require DC side power distribution;
    2. Also commonly used micro-inverter is generally IP67 protection grade, unlike the string inverter or large power inverter which has a display for power generation information, an electric meter is often added in the power distribution system to show the micro-inverter system generating capacity
    3. Polycarbonate body shell with IP66 protection grade can meet external installation requirements: prevent ultraviolet, water, dust, acid & alkali, salt fog and corrosion. Box has the very high robustness, the impact strength IK08 and at the same time is light enough to easily carry. Transparent cover can be directly observed the body internal state, ease of maintenance
    4. Internal parts are reliable components, have TUV, CCC, CE certification, in accordance with IEC standard
    5. Body internal is clear, reasonable wiring and tidy, convenient to installation
    6. The cable connector is IP68 protection grade and suit for outdoor use. And waterproof cable connector & MC4 connector are optional
    7. Allow multiple PV array to access at the same time, the biggest current 32A each, so satisfy different users.
    8. Wide range of DC voltage input: Use professional DC high voltage circuit breaker, and max voltage is 1000V, safe and reliable
    9. Equipped with PV certificated lightning protection and surge protection in both positive & negative, so double security.
    10. With professional testing laboratory and R&D facilities, ISO9001 certificated quality control system, we ensure that every Projoy products safe and reliable. Also we’re glad to customize the junction box according to actual PV system and provide exclusive solution.
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