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PEDS-DB-US Distribution Board Series DC Isolator 16-32A

DC Isolator

    1. Compact structure, modular design, level 2-8 with different versions are available,satisfied to the need of different situations.
    2. Ding rail and base type isolator are applicable to control box, distribution box and combiner box, and achieve IP40 using imported seal parts.
    3. Incorporating a user independent switching action, spring mechanism, to ensure a very fast break/make action which means the disconnection of the load circuits and suppression of the arc is normally extinguished in a maximum of 5ms.
    4. Improving design of the contact touch, increasing the interface of contact, stamina, improving the roughness of the surface, making sure contacts has high touch function when contacts are from separate to together or from together to separate.
    5. The torque of isolator is 1nm, and the cable terminals match 4mm2~16mm2cable terminals.
    6. SAFE-LOCK with three rotational positions reducing the risks of tampering.
    7. Rated DC voltage is 1500V, with international certifications like IEC60947-3 etc.
    1. The switches between all kinds of power converters and PV sources:

      • Between gird-on inverters and solar modules at Grid-connected PV systems,
      • Between off-grid inverters and solar modules at Off-grid PV systems,
      • Between hybrid inverters and solar modules or batteries at Hybrid PV systems with batteries,
      • Between solar pumping inverters and solar modules at Solar Pumping systems.
    2. The switches in all kinds of low-voltage input lines and distribution lines:

      • Between DC loads and between electricity distribution systems at DC supply systems.
    3. Between the units of hybrid PV systems with storage batteries:

      • Between batteries and wave converters
      • Between batteries and hybrid inverters
    4. All kinds of DC or DC motor loads, DC lighting, and household appliances.

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A principle of selecting DC Isolators for PV Systems Generally speaking, an inverter, power rating at 1kW ~ 3kW, is designed with single MPPT; 3kW ~ 30kW with dual MPPT's or few triple. For external DC Isolators, you can choose 4 Pole, 6 Pole, 8 Pole for multi-string solar panels or select 2 Pole for one string of solar panel, based on the different system design.

DC Isolators, AC Isolators, PV Isolator Switch and more solar Products Reduce and Extinguish the Arc Effects, High working voltage, Higher Protection Level, With CE, SAA, TUV, UL, UL508i 1000v, etc. international certifications. Projoy DC Switch: Switch to Safety!

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