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1500V 63A! Projoy new generation DC Isolator has been certified by TUV

Date: 2022-12-07

PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic energy storage industry for more than 10 years, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of DC safety products, adhering to the product concept of "Switch to Safety!" , is committed to developing more safer and more efficient products to meet with the green and healthy development of new energy.

Projoy has been involved in the field of DC isolator since its inception. It is the most widely used brand of DC ISOLATOR in the Asia-Pacific region, and is the designated supplier of photovoltaic DC ISOLATOR for 80% of the world's mainstream inverter manufacturers.


The DC ISOLATOR plays a key role in the photovoltaic power generation system. The small body is integrated in the inverter, which can isolate the DC power between the inverter and the modules, cut off the DC arc, and provide safety protection for the photovoltaic system.


When installing a photovoltaic system or replacing and maintaining the inverter, if the input of the inverter is not cut off first, the DC side will always have power, may cause personal electric shock and damage to the inverter and back-end equipment. Moreover, most of the inverters currently on the market do not have electrical isolation inside, and there is a possibility of flow backward from the AC side to the DC side. Installing a small DC isolator can avoid such dangerous accidents and ensure the safe operation of the power system.

At present, the residential photovoltaic systems are mostly 1000V, and the commercial photovoltaic systems are up to 1500V. It is very difficult to cut off and extinguish arcs under DC high voltage safely. As early as 2015, Projoy launched the PEDS series of DC isolator for 1500V photovoltaic systems, and then launched the PEDS150H series for high-voltage and high-current systems. The rated heating current reaches 50A, and the maximum on-off switching time is less than 5ms.

Although the current PEDS150H series of high-current DC isolator already meet the shutdown requirements of almost all photovoltaic systems, Projoy will not stop there.

Considering the demand for future market expansion and the pursuit of the ultimate in product quality and performance, Projoy’s professional R&D team is constantly seeking breakthroughs. After several months of research and testing, the original PEDS150H series switches have been innovatively upgraded with a voltage of 1500V with a maximum current of 63A, reaching the top level in the industry.


The upgraded PEDS150H series switch has a rated insulation voltage of 1500V, a maximum heating current of 63A, a larger current carrying capacity, and higher power, fully covering high-power string inverters. Positive and negative contact design, more convenient wiring, can adapt to a variety of use environments; the material of the head mechanism is changed from plastic to metal, which has higher strength, better texture and longer life; the special head + optimized shaft design, through Faster breaking, better arc extinguishing function, more stable and comfortable hand feeling during on-off operation; with locking lever, no ultrasonic welding is required, and the product integrity is better; up to 10 layers of stability, and each layer has more cards Buckle, stronger stability; the overall height is reduced, the structure is more compact, and the installation space is liberated.


The new PEDS150H series DC isolating switch has passed the EN/IEC 6-947-3:2021 standard test and obtained TUV certification, indicating that the product has officially been endorsed by an international quality certification agency.


After more than 10 years of development, Projoy has established a professional R&D and technical team, and established a physical factory. At present, all product lines have achieved independent research and development, constantly unlocking new technologies, and pursuing high-quality and high-performance; the introduction of automation equipment has greatly improved production efficiency; and is expanding factories, adding new production lines, and striving to increase production capacity to achieve complete self-production.

With the continuous development of technology and the continuous upgrading of photovoltaic systems, new problems and challenges may appear in the future. Projoy has a keen sense of the industry and insight, and will actively introduce more professionals to enhance its technical strength, and take the lead in developing better products to protect a safer new energy world.