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Gas stations turn into “power plants” and Projoy's panel-level RSD escorts them

Date: 2022-11-16

Recently, "CNPC & PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd.· Photovoltaic Safety Gain Demonstration Project"  was successfully completed in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Projoy's 60 sets of PEFS-PL80S-11 panel-level RSD have been installed in the rooftop photovoltaic power stations of 2 CNPC gas stations in Yangzhou to ensure the safety of life and property.


◆ Traditional energy companies accelerate green and low-carbon transformation

With the in-depth advancement of my country's "dual carbon" goal, more and more enterprises are actively embarking on the road of energy transformation. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, CNPC seized the opportunity period of national energy transformation, highlighted its strategic orientation, proposed a three-step overall deployment of "clean replacement, strategic replacement, and green transformation", and began to promote the construction of distributed photovoltaics on the roofs of gas stations power station.


◆ The hidden safety hazards of photovoltaic power plants cannot be ignored

In the photovoltaic system, as long as there is sunlight on the photovoltaic panels, the DC side will generate a DC voltage of up to 600-1500V. The hot spots of the panels, the DC short circuit, the quality problems of the DC power distribution cabinet, and the fuse problems are all likely to cause fires. This is a serious security risk. Moreover, due to the existence of DC high voltage, firefighters cannot put out the fire when a fire occurs. Recently, a fire broke out in a pharmaceutical factory in western Sydney. According to relevant pictures, the source of the fire seems to be a rooftop photovoltaic power station.


However, due to the existence of flammable and explosive dangerous goods in gas stations, the concentration of oil vapor in the air is very high. Once a fire occurs, it is easy to explode, and the consequences are disastrous.


◆ Projoy products "cut off" the hidden danger of DC

Projoy PEFS-PL series DC24V panel-level RSD is connected in series with photovoltaic panels, so that each module is in an open state. In case of emergency, it can be turned off by means of the installed control box or AC brake, which can cut off the DC power between the photovoltaic modules and the inverter, and reduce the voltage in the array to below 80V within 30 seconds, providing safety for firefighters,rescue environment. In addition to reducing the danger when a fire, Projoy's RSD can also prevent fire hazards caused by high temperature. It has built-in temperature sensors, when the temperature exceeds 85 ℃, it can automatically shut down the equipment and cut off the current. This is very important for photovoltaic power plants in gas stations, schools and other places.


◆ International double certification, high quality assurance

Projoy PEFS-PL series module-level RSD has passed the North American UL1741:2010 Ed.2+R: 16Sep2020 and EU EN 60947-2:2017+A1:2020 standard tests in 2021 and obtained the North American ETL and EU CE dual certification. Projoy is a leading domestic electrical manufacturer with all international certifications for its RSD product lines.

This has also become the primary factor for CNPC to choose to cooperate with Projoy for the gas station photovoltaic power station safety gain project.


◆ Don't forget the original intention, be the guardian of photovoltaic safety

Projoy has formulated the product concept of "Switch To Safety" since its establishment. In the future, we will continue to uphold our original aspiration, help the traditional energy industry to accelerate the pace of green transformation and development, promote the healthy development of distributed photovoltaic power generation business, and create a safe and low-carbon energy ecosystem.