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New flash——Projoy’s full series of DC Isolating switches have been certified by UKCA

Date: 2022-12-19

Recently, Projoy’s PEDS/PEDSH/PEDSC series DC isolating switches have successfully completed the entire UKCA certification process and officially obtained the UKCA certification. It means that Projoy's full series of DC Isolating switches meet the latest UK market access and conformity assessment requirements.


The rated current range of Projoy DC isolation switch products is 16~63A, which can be applied to the whole series of string inverters from 1kW to 320kW. Both built-in and external DC switches meet the DC PV2 standard, and the whole series of products have obtained UL certification or are being certified.

Projoy’s isolating switch products have been launched in the UK market since 2016. According to regulations, Projoy can continue to use the CE mark to sell such products in the UK market.

In order to ensure that customers’ product supply can continue to be guaranteed after 01.01.2023, Projoy submitted the UKCA certification application for a full range of DC isolating switches and successfully obtained the certificate in November 2022.

What is the UKCA certification?

The full name of UKCA is United Kingdom Conformity Assessed,which is a compulsory access certification mark for new products launched to replace the use of the CE mark in the UK market after Brexit . 

Before entering the UK market, the product needs to pass the standard test under the UK regulations, obtain the UKCA certification and the product is marked with the UKCA mark to replace the use of the EU CE mark. "UK" here refers to Great Britain, including England, Wales and Scotland. This guideline does not apply to products entering Northern Ireland.

The UKCA certificate execution time

Before 01.01.2021

Products placed on the UK market before 01.01.2021. can continue to use the EU CE mark and no need to renewal.(Relevant operators can provide relevant procurement contracts, invoices and other materials to prove that the goods were listed before January 1, 2021.)

Before 01.01.2023

In order to allow companies more time to adapt to the new requirements, the British government issued the latest UKCA usage guidelines on 24.08.2021: CE marked products that meet EU requirements (in line with UK requirements) can continue to be sold in the UK market until 01.01.2023.

From 01.01.2023

Products placed on the UK market need to obtain the UKCA mark.