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Photovoltaic system safety solution——Projoy releases 3kW, 20A ultra-high power microinverter

Date: 2022-08-25

On August 23, local time in Brazil , the Inter Solar South America exhibition was held in Sao Paulo as scheduled.


At the exhibition site, Projoy brought products such as distribution boxes, built-in isolation switches, and rapid shutdown device to the South American photovoltaic market. Especially, the 3 Kw , 20A ultra-high power micro-inverter which was released for the first time received great attention!

A new solution for photovoltaic system safety

As we all know, the common risk of photovoltaic system is the DC arcing, this poses a security risk to operation and maintenance or rescue. Since the modules in the photovoltaic system are generally connected in series, when the light is sufficient, there is a high voltage of 600 ~1500V in the string . However, because there are many wiring connection points in the string, once a certain connection point is in poor contact or long-term running and aging, it may cause DC arcing, which is very easy to cause fire.


Therefore, the fundamental solution to photovoltaic safety is to eliminate the risk of DC arcing.

As a DC equipment manufacturer that has always been deeply involved in the photovoltaic industry, Projoy has always been exploring safer solutions, from DC isolators to module-level rapid shutdown, the PSOL series micro-inverter will also be the ultimate solution for photovoltaic safety! 

Different from the traditional string inverter, the micro-inverter and modules are connected in parallel to the photovoltaic system, so there is only 60V DC voltage in the system, which completely avoids the risk of fire caused by high-voltage DC arcing. At the same time, each component has an independent MPPT, which can be controlled independently. It can not only improve the power generation of a single module, but also have module-level rapid shutdown & operation and maintenance functions.


Ultra-high current, ultra-high power, wider application

As a new safety solution for photovoltaic systems, Projoy PSOL series micro-inverter adopts a new topology, with an efficiency of 97.2%, leading the industry 's efficiency level of 96%. The maximum input current is 20A, compatible with 182/210 solar module, up to 8 modules with parallel or series connection. Individual power conversion, up to 6 MPPTs, suitable for complex roof systems to improve power generation gain!


PSOL series micro-inverter has 3 models: PSOL-MS2250H, PSOL-MS3000H and PSOL-MS3000L can meet different market demands.

PSOL-MS2250H adopts 4-strings DC input, can connect 4 pieces of 670W high-power photovoltaic modules at the same time, the maximum output power up to 2250W, and supports 1.2 times system over-configuration. Or suitable for 300~400W low-power modules, 2 modules are connected in parallel and then connected to the micro inverter.

PSOL -MS3000H adopts 6-strings of DC input and can be connected to 500~ 650W photovoltaic modules, which is very suitable for sunny areas such as South America. Take the Sunova Thor 5X module as an example--Under STC conditions, the power of the module is 575W, the open-circuit voltage is 51.2V, and the short-circuit current is 14.17A. DC input 6 components, 575W*6=3450W input, PSOL-MS3000H rated output 3000W, at this time, the over-matching ratio is about 1.15, which is perfectly suitable for the South American market!

PSOL-MS3000L adopts 4-strings DC input and is mainly used in household systems in the European market, The modules are basically 400-450W. Take the Trina’s VERTEX S series as an example--Under STC conditions, the power of the module is 410W, the open-circuit voltage is 41.6V, and the short-circuit current is 12.4A. 2 modules connected in series as one input. At this time, 410*8=3280W, and the over-matching ratio is 1.1. If choosing 450W modules, the over-matching ratio is 1.2.

Projoy always adheres to the concept of "Switch to Safety!" and explores safer solutions for photovoltaic systems.