PEMC Series 500V, 2P, 125A~250A

Projoy PEMC series molded case circuit breakers are mainly used in DC power systems to distribute electric energy and protect the power system from overload, short circuit, undervoltage and other faults, and can also be used to control the infrequent operation of motors.

PEMC Series 500V, 2P, 125A~250A
PEMC Series 500V, 2P, 125A~250A
Isolator & Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker PEMC Series 500V, 2P, 125A~250A

Product Highlights

High voltage

Heat and humidity resistance

Zero arcing

Large distance

High life expectancy

Low temperature rise

Strong environmental adaptability

Maximum voltage DC 500V, maximum current 250A

Technical parameter

Rated working voltage Ue DC500V Rated Insulation Voltage Ui 1000V Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8kV
Rated working current Ie 63A~250A Release Type Thermal Magnetic Breaking capacity Icu=20kA, Ics=10kA
Mechanical life 10000 times Electrical life 2000 times