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Projoy Revealing New Products For Polish market at ENEX 2023

Date: 2023-03-09

On March 8 - 9, 2023, Poland Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Exhibition (ENEX), the most influential renewable energy exhibition of the country, was successfully held in Kielce, Poland. As one of the major players of the PV industry and a distinguished brand in the PV market in Poland, Projoy has participated at the exhibition and showcased our new and featured products to Polish customers. 


Observing a rapid development of solar energy in recent years and driven by the “My Electricity” policy, PV has become an investment hit in the energy sector in Poland. More and more private individuals, local governments, and entrepreneurs eager to invest in it. Projoy seized the opportunity and soon earned a great reputation in local market. 


At the exhibition, Projoy has introduced our newly invested product - Micro Inverter to polish market for the first time, and attracted numerous customers to our booth. The device can be used in photovoltaic systems to perform the DC to AC power conversion at solar panel level. On one hand, it is much more effective and efficient that the string inverters of old. On the other hand, each solar panel has its own micro inverter to make sure the PV system use as much energy as each panel is able to produce. Along with advanced features of the plug-and-play design and real-time situation monitoring, Projoy’s micro inverter is definitely the product of choice for solar system installation. 


Moreover, Projoy has also presented few of our star products at the exhibition this year, such as prize-wining Firefighter Safety Switch Series, DC Isolator, Miniature Circuit Breaker, Electrical Box and its accessories. As key complements of a fine PV solar system, these small and exquisite devices work to protect against overload current, and guarantee the highest form of PV solar system safety. 


In addition to provide best quality of products, Projoy also realizes the importance of localization to enhance our consumer experience. After years of in-depth study of the polish market, we have successfully won strong customer loyalty and established a significant number of projects in the country. And we will continue to dig deeper into the PV solar industry and provide the safest solutions to our customers.