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Projoy surprised everyone at the China International Energy Storage Conference!

Date: 2022-09-13

On September 7th, the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference was grandly opened at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hangzhou. Projoy's booth was full of audiences and won the award at the "Energy Storage Night" awards dinner.

On September 8th, Projoy's booth was still very lively.



<Projoy Booth>

New product release, showing strength

In the new product release session of the Energy Storage Conference, Huahui Cao, Projoy Product Director, brought the newly upgraded PEBS-S series of high-voltage DC miniature circuit breakers.

The product has full range of rated current specifications, the maximum current can reach 80A; the breaking capacity is up to 10kA, the breaking is fast, safe and reliable; the mechanical life is up to 20,000 times, the electrical life is up to 1500 times, and longer use ; non-polar design, better protection effect; and meet UL 489 and CSA C22.2 No.5 standards, with stronger performance and superior quality.


<New product release>


<PEBS-S series DC miniature circuit breakers>

In addition, in the final part of the new product release, Zhou Wei, the manager of the energy and power technology division of UL Solutions, awarded Projoy the UL certificate of PEBS-S series miniature circuit breakers. This marks that the product is officially recognized by the highest international quality standards.


<Certification Ceremony>

Keynote speech to seek new security solutions

In the afternoon of September 8, Walter Yang, Vice President of Projoy company, delivered a speech on the theme of " Power Side Safety Solutions for Residential Energy Storage ".

In the speech, Walter Yang analyzed the safety issues of photovoltaic energy storage from the perspective of the panel side and the battery pack side, and proposed 3 solutions in a targeted manner which were appreciated and concerned by many customers.

After the speech, dozens of audience surrounded Walter Yang to consult products and exchange experience. A small wave of phenomena was formed in a corner of the venue, and more customers visited the booth for in-depth communication.


<Keynote Speech>

Media interview to discuss the new future of energy storage

In the media news center set up in the venue, Walter Yang, Vice President of Projoy, and Huahui Cao, Projoy Product Director, accepted an exclusive interview with China Electric Power News. They conducted in-depth discussions on hot topics in the industry such as new development trends of the energy storage industry and new changes in energy storage safety issues.


<China Electric Power News Interview>

The event is coming to an end but Projoy's footsteps will not stop.

As an industry expert in the field of DC safety, Projoy has been adhering to the product concept of "Switch To Safety", studying the pain points of the industry in depth, and is committed to providing safer and more cost-effective solutions for the world and promoting the green and sustainable development of the energy storage industry.