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Two international exhibitions were held at the same time, Projoy shines all over the world

Date: 2022-08-26

On August 23, two major international photovoltaic exhibitions in the southern hemisphere were held——Intersolar South America & The Solar Show Africa. Projoy flashed in two places at the same time and had in-depth exchanges with customers and partners.

Double exhibition linkage, deepening global market layout

At the exhibition, Projoy mainly displayed star products such as electrical boxrapid shutdownDC/AC Isolatorcircuit breaker and accessories such as fuse and surge protector.


<Intersolar America Expo in Brazil>


<The Solar Show Africa Expo in South Africa>

60A high current isolation switch, new product attracts attention

As the demand for photovoltaic power generation continues to grow, the power of photovoltaic modules continues to upgrade, and string inverters have officially ushered in the 1500V era, the parameter requirements of related devices are constantly improved. As a professional manufacturer of solar products, Projoy has been keeping up with the market demand and continuously innovating in technology.

At the exhibition site, Projoy unveiled the new PEDS150H series DC isolator. This model is based on the original PEDS150H parallel wiring model which has been fully upgraded in material, structure and performance, and meets the IEC/EN60947-3:2009+A1+A2 standard. The rated insulation voltage reaches 1500V, the maximum current can reach 60A and the maximum 12 layers, meet the 6-way connection of string inverters. At the same time, PEDS150H series adopts a new head mechanism which has accurate positioning, faster switching, and enhanced arc extinguishing ability!


<Projoy's new generation PEDS150H series DC isolator>

Projoy has only made a single product line of isolators since its establishment, and has developed multiple product lines that cover almost the entire photovoltaic system components. We always adhere to the field of DC safety and are committed to seeking the safest solutions for photovoltaic systems.


<Projoy product line>

Landing in Latin America and the Middle East market, giving full play to localization advantages

As one of the regions with the most abundant sunlight resources in the world, Brazil and South Africa have many things in common although they are separated by an Atlantic Ocean. Both countries have rapidly growing populations and economies, and demand for electricity is huge. At the same time, since 2011, the government has successively issued some policies to support and promote the popularization and development of renewable energy, especially photovoltaic power generation. So far, photovoltaic power generation in Brazil and South Africa is still dominated by "self-generated and self-used" household and small industrial and commercial rooftop power stations.

Projoy's globalization has been advancing for many years, with footprints all over the world. The appearance of Brazil and South Africa is also a sign of Projoy's global layout - Brazil and South Africa will become the key markets of Projoy's global layout. At present, Projoy has established a local team in Brazil and has also deployed a distribution team in the South African market to fully implement global localized marketing.

Projoy will continue to appear at major exhibitions at home and abroad. Projoy will also release a new product in the field of energy storage at the Suzhou Energy Storage Exhibition next week. Please stay tuned.