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Unswervingly ploughing deep into the European market, Projoy appeared on Solar Solutions International exhibition in the Netherlands

Date: 2022-04-20

2022.4.13-15, the Solar Solutions International exhibition in the Netherlands will be held as scheduled. At present, the exhibition site is still full of people and in full swing.

As one of the European countries with the fastest growth in solar energy development in recent years, the Netherlands is particularly professional and reliable in hosting photovoltaic exhibitions. In this exhibition, exhibitors come from many countries and regions around the world. Photovoltaic manufacturers, installers, service providers and end users can use this platform to be more closely connected and integrated. It is also another good opportunity for Projoy to show itself.


In the exhibition, in addition to the classic isolating switch and energy storage micro-break products, Projoy also displayed the upgraded and iterative Rapid Shutdown products and Electric Box products that meet the individual needs of the European high-end market, attracting many customers to negotiate and getting high recognization.


<Projoy Electric Box products>

As a global strategic layout key market, Europe has high requirements and standards for product quality and service. After years of hard work, with excellent product performance, professional technical services, Projoy has occupied a place in Europe, especially Rapid Shutdown products which help Projoy become the first echelon of photovoltaic DC safety brand.


< Projoy Module Level Rapid Shutdown & Array Level Rapid shutdown>

It is worth mentioning that Projoy has passed the strict testing standards of the European Union and North America, and obtained international certifications such as CE and ETL. The maximum loop current of Array Level Rapid shutdown is up to 55A, the maximum loop voltage is up to 1500V, and a maximum of 10 strings of modules can be connected; the maximum loop current of Module Level Rapid Shutdown is up to 20A, and 1~4 modules can be connected. ) We have active carrier communication (PLC) and active controlare optional. Various types of products provide high-quality solutions for photovoltaic applications in residential and industrial and commercial scenarios, and can meet the needs of various photovoltaic power plants.


Projoy has always been committed to providing efficient and professional products in the field of photovoltaic DC safety, and has continuously updated products through technological innovation to maintain high quality, high performance and high standards.


The continuous appearance in major European exhibitions has consolidated Projoy's leading position in the field of European photovoltaic accessories, and further expanded the popularity and influence of Projoy's brand. Projoy will continue to deepen the development of the European market, maintain technological leadership, help Europe's energy transition, and promote the development of clean energy in Europe. See you next month at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany!