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Projoy RSD Safeguarding the Rooftop Solar Power System of Gas Stations

Date: 2023-07-18

Gas stations are increasingly becoming a meeting ground between fossil fuels and renewable energy. Numerous of gas station chains around the world are having solar panels installed on the roofs of gas stations, to reduce their energy costs and improve the environmental friendliness of their businesses. Meanwhile, the issue of fire safety is becoming a major concern. Yet Projoy’s rapid shutdown device is designed to handle the job. 


Rapid shutdown regulation were first implemented in 2014 as a safety precaution by National Electrical Code (NEC), making it necessary for solar power systems to have a solar panel shut-off switch. In 2016, Projoy launched a series of string-level firefighter safety switch (PEFS-EL) and soon became popular in European countries such as Germany and UK, as well as Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines. Today, the company is a first-tier brand in Europe and Asia-pacific markets. Meanwhile, Projoy has established eight product lines of the module-level rapid shutdown (PEFS-PL) series, which obtaining NEC 2017 & 2020, UL1741 and UL3741 certificates


Thus, Projoy’s rapid shutdown series is definitely a sound investment for gas stations. The device can reduce the voltage in the array to the safe level (below 80V) within 30 seconds. In addition, with built-in temperature sensor, the device can immediately take actions when the temperature exceeds 85°C, automatically shut down and cut off the DC power. Thus, it is crucial to have such device installed to solar panels for public places such as gas stations and schools.

Case Sharing

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), a major national oil and gas corporation of China and one of the largest integrated energy groups in the world, has installed Projoy’s module-level rapid shutdown (PEFS-PL80S-11) to two of its gas station solar power systems projects (50KW), to de-energize the system in case of an emergency. 


Projoy’s string-level firefighter safety switch (PEFS-EL) has applied to one of the PTT gas stations in Thailand. PTT Public Company Limited is a Thai state-owned SET-listed oil and gas company. It is the largest corporation in the country and also the only company from Thailand listed in Fortune Global 500 companies.