SOLUTIONS PV Energy Storage Solution (Micro Inverter)

PV Energy Storage Solution (Micro Inverter)

The combination of photovoltaic power generation system and energy storage system converts solar energy into electricity and achieves the supply and demand balance of local load through charging and discharging of energy storage components. In this scheme, the micro inverter is used to replace the traditional series inverter, and the module level MPPT tracking is realized, which maximizes the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic power generation system. Meanwhile, the low input DC voltage avoids the risk of electric shock and makes the system more secure. The energy storage system (battery pack) can convert the excess AC power into DC power for storage, peak cutting and valley filling, and then convert it into AC power when the power is insufficient. The charging and discharging process needs protection. The non-polarity miniature circuit breaker can meet the bi-directional protection of the line.