DC Surge Protector for PV (Advanced)

Projoy PESP series is a special surge protector for the DC side of photovoltaic system. It is widely used in photovoltaic power generation systems, such as various junction box, inverters, DC cabinets, DC pannels and other important and vulnerable DC equipment, to protect the equipment from the impact of transient surge voltage,limiting transient overvoltage and discharging surge current caused by lightning or switching operation.

DC Surge Protector for PV (Advanced)
DC Surge Protector for PV (Advanced)
DC Surge Protector for PV (Advanced)
Isolator & Circuit Breaker Electric Box & Accessories DC Surge Protector for PV (Advanced)

Product Highlights

Imported chips with reliable quality

Nanoscale response

Plug-in structure

Status indicator

Standard installation of 35mm rail

Technical parameter

SPD Type T1+T2/T2 Maximum continuous working voltage Ucpv DC 600V/DC 1000V/DC 1500V Maximum discharge current Imax 40kA
Nominal discharge current In 20kA Poles 2P/3P Degree of Protection IP20