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Founded in2011

Projoy Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. The headquarter is located in Suzhou High Speed Railway New City Industrial Park, China, with convenient transportation.

Adhering to the product concept of "Switch to Safety", it is the first professional manufacturer in China to focus on providing protection, safety and metering products such as DC isolator, energy storage circuit breaker, DC surge, smart circuit breaker, rapid shutdown, smart meter, etc. for the field of optical storage and charging. After more than 10 years of development, Projoy now has two business divisions: electrical and power electronics.

Intelligent Electric Department

In 2011, Projoy took the lead in independently developing the PEDS series of photovoltaic DC isolators in China. This product is mainly used in photovoltaic inverters, energy storage inverters, DC combiner boxes and other equipments. The product has exquisite design, simple structure and excellent quality. At present, it is the most widely used photovoltaic DC isolator in the global market and is recognized and used by 80% of inverter manufacturers.

In 2013, Projoy successfully independently researched and developed the PEBS series of DC circuit breakers used in ESS. After years of iteration and accumulation, Projoy has been recognized by customers continuously. It is providing high-quality and reliable DC circuit breakers to many of the world's top energy storage battery packs and system manufacturers, and has become a major supplier to many leading companies in the industry such as BYD and Sungrow for many years.

In addition, Projoy can provide more abundant electrical products for optical storage and charging system, including DC surge PESP series, intelligent meter PEEM series, etc.

With a strong electrical R&D team, Projoy Electric Department has obtained a number of core patented technologies, has a number of electrical product lines with completely independent intellectual property rights, and has reached the world's advanced level in product technology, and has successively obtained various international certifications, including UL certification, TUV certification, CE certification, CB certification, Australian certification, and China CCC certification.

Power Electronic Department

As the fire safety of the optical storage and charging system has been gradually taken seriously in the global field, Projoy has also actively established the Power Electronic Department to provide a new solution to the safety problems of the photovoltaic system in the way of power electronics+smart electricity.

In 2016, Projoy launched the RSD PEFS-EL series of string-level rapid shutdown, becoming the first manufacturer of rapid shutdown in batch production in China. Its products have been applied in batch in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and other places. At present, it has become a Tier1 brand in Europe and the Asia Pacific market.

At the same time, the company continues to introduce high-tech talents, strengthen product technology advantages, enrich product lines, and always stay at the forefront of technology. At present, the RSD PEFS-PL series of panel level rapid shutdown has passed NEC 2017&2020 (690.12), UL1741, UL3741 and other standard certification, and has a complete product line of eight series, namely, one for one, one for two, 80V, 120V and PLC power carrier communication, one for one, one for two, 80V, 120V.

Projoy always uses advanced production equipment and precision testing instruments, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's product manufacturing and quality control. The full range of products have passed rigorous environmental and electrical tests. At the same time, the company has also passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Projoy has an international professional marketing service team with rich industry experience. Adhering to the localized marketing service concept, it has set up subsidiaries or authorized distributors in Italy, Britain, Australia, India, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Taiwan, China and other places to quickly respond to customer needs and provide high-quality services in a timely manner.

In the future, Projoy will always focus on the safety and intelligence of the clean energy field, especially the optical storage and charging system, continue to adhere to the product concept of "Switch to Safety", constantly consolidate the company's product lines in the fields of intelligent electrical and power electronics, and improve the international competitiveness of these two types of product lines. With its capable management and management team, it has world competition.



Construction of 15,000㎡ factory in Shandong


Launched High current AC/DC isolation switch; 4,000㎡ factory in Suzhou constructed; Exporting countries exceed 20


Launched molded case DC switch; Become designated MCB supplier of BYD; Power meter entered into the European market


Expand product line such as RSD, Electric Box; Electric Box entered into the South American market; Sales exceeded 50 million RMB


Launched DC/AC MCB; R&D of RSD and Electric Box


Established Xiamen R&D team; Launched cage type DC switch


Established Wenzhou R&D team; Become designated switch supplier of Goodwe, Growatt, Solis and other well-known inverter brands; DC/AC switch certified by TUV, SAA


Established international sales team; Expanded DC/AC switch product line


Sales exceeded 1 million RMB


Established Suzhou R&D team


Projoy was founded; Focus on DC safety protection for PV and energy storage

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In the future, Projoy New Energy will always focus on the safety and intelligence of the clean energy field, especially the PV energy storage and charging system.