1. Panel-Level rapid shutdown device, comply with NEC 2017/2020 690.12, UL 1741, UL3741 regulations compeletly;

2. One Input or two Inputs optional, with one panel or two panels;

3. Wire control way (DC 24V cable).

RSD & Micro Inverter Panel-Level Rapid Shutdown PEFS-PL Series DC24V Type, One Fits Two, 80V

Product Highlights

High reliability and stability

Long lifespan


Compatible with all inverters and friendly for EMC testing

Max 20A

Fire Retardant 5A / UV Resistant F1 Level

IP68 Outdoor Installation

Slim Design, Extremely Easy Installation

2 protection tripping ways, In manual and auto by temperature

Technical parameter

Max Input Voltage 80V Max Output Voltage 160V RSD VS module(s) 1:2
Max Input current 20A Max Output current 20A Power consumption 1.2W~1.6W