PEBS-L Series 160V, 125A

Projoy DC MCBs are mainly used in photovoltaic, energy storage and other DC systems that need to be interrupted and protected when overcurrent or short circuit occurs.

PEBS-L Series 160V, 125A
PEBS-L Series 160V, 125A
Isolator & Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker PEBS-L Series 160V, 125A

Product Highlights

Full current specification

High breaking capacity

Non-polar design

Adapt to high and low temperature environment

Long mechanical and electrical life

Flame retardant material, more secure

Maximum rated voltage 160VDC, rated current up to 125A

Technical parameter

Rated current 63A,80A,100A,125A Insulation Voltage 500V Withstand impulse voltage 6kV
Rated working voltage 80VDC/1P,160VDC/2P Tripping Characteristics B,C Ambient Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Breaking capacity 10kA Mechanical life 10000 times Electrical life 1000 times