PEAS-N Series 16A~100A

Projoy PEAS-N Series AC Isolator is suitable for power system below AC 440V and below Rated working current 100A, which can effectively solve the problems of emergency disconnection, safety disconnection, machine control, motor control and so on.

PEAS-N Series 16A~100A
PEAS-N Series 16A~100A
PEAS-N Series 16A~100A
PEAS-N Series 16A~100A
Isolator & Circuit Breaker Isolating Switch PEAS AC Isolator, PEAS-N Series 16A~100A

Product Highlights

Thickened copper parts, better electrical conductivity

High electrical life

Strong flame retardant performance

Various Installation methods

Modular structure design

Diversified operation methods

Technical parameter

Rated Insulation Voltage Ui AC 690V Rated working voltage Ue AC 240V/AC 440V Rated working current Ie 16A/20A/25A/32A/40A/63A/80A/100A
Poles 3P/4P Mechanical life 10000 times Electrical life 1000 times
Installation method Panel Mounting, Dinrail Board, Door Clutch, Enclosure