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Customize Projoy PV Junction Box to Your Needs and Experience the Differences

Date: 2023-07-28

The PV junction box is one of the critical components in solar PV system. It has received a great deal of manufacturer’s attention and utilization in the solar industry. As the global market ramps up with cumulative solar capacity, it is expected that the solar junction box will become a key pillar for demand growth. 


When selecting pv junction boxes, it is important to consider the casings. Projoy’s DC junction box (PEJB series) rated IP65 to promise a high level of protection in severe outdoor environments. Meanwhile, the transparent lid enables user to clearly discover what’s inside of the box.  


Projoy’s DC junction box series meet the requirements of strict examination procedure to guarantee its quality. Equally important are the components inside the junction box. Projoy invests strongly in R&D and owns production lines of DC Isolator (PEDS series), DC circuit breaker (PEBS series), surge protector (PESP series), and smart meter (PEEM series). In fact, the company is one of the pioneers in China in R&D of DC isolation switches (PEDS series), and the product has been widely recognized and became the choice of 85% of inverter manufacturers in China.   


(Pictures of the PEJB series production line)


Overall, Projoy’s DC junction box is customizable as parts must meet the customer’s particular requirements. At the end, our clients can be presented to the pick-and-place device without further repacking.