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New Release! PROJOY CB Class Automatic Transfer Switch

Date: 2024-01-24

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a device that transfers a power supply from its primary source automatically to a backup generator when it senses a failure or outage occurring in the primary source until utility power is restored.


Projoy CB class automatic transfer switch (ATSE series) is a type of automatic transfer switch that uses a circuit breaker to disconnect and connect the power sources and the load. With built-in functions such as intelligent control, arc extinguishing, overload and short circuit protection, the small device can ensure power supply for different occasions. In addition, It allows user to operate the switch either electrically or manually. Thus, it is a perfect fit to emergency systems, legally required systems, critical operations power systems, and optional standby systems.  

ATSE application 0124.jpg


To ensure electricity safety at your home, having Projoy CB class automatic transfer switch installed so you can sit back and relax. When a power outage occurs, it detects the power failure and supplies the standby generator power to your home within seconds. When power is restored, the switch detects the outage has ended and give utility power back to your home.