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Awarded! Projoy Won the “2024 Energy Storage Influential Supporting Supplier”

Date: 2024-02-28

On February 27, the 2024 "Beijixing Cup" Energy Storage Influential Enterprise Selection and Award Ceremony was held in Zhejiang, China. Experts from the energy storage industry and representatives of major energy storage companies gathered together to participate in this grand event.


Projoy Electric, as one of the main suppliers in the energy storage field, successfully won the 2024 “Beijixing Cup” Influential Energy Storage Supporting Supplier, for its contribution to the new energy storage field.



With the development of on-grid photovoltaic, the integration of pv solar and energy storage has become an inevitable trend. It’s time for enterprises to welcome new opportunities and seek new breakthroughs. Meanwhile, China’s power energy storage capacity has exceeded 30GW,  with an annual load growth rate of 100%, one of the fastest growth rates in the world, showing unlimited market potential and development prospects. The overall energy storage scale market is expected to reach about 92GW around 2026.

While the pv solar and energy storage industry is booming, and safety issues cannot be underestimated. Projoy has been firmly rooted in the safety track of photovoltaic energy storage since its establishment. The company owns three core product lines: DC circuit breakers (PEBS series), DC isolator (PEDS series), and rapid shutdown device (PEFS series).



With solid efforts in technology innovation and development over the years, Projoy has gained powerful capabilities in independent R&D and passed numerous international certifications. Overall, Projoy will never stop innovating for a safer and smarter new energy world.