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Projoy Showcasing New Achievements in the Solar Show Africa

Date: 2024-03-19

On March 18th, The Solar & Storage Show Africa Exhibition was held at the Gallagher Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. Projoy Electric has showcased a full range of safety protection devices at the exhibition, demonstrating the company’s technological achievements and core competitiveness in the solar and energy storage field.    


As the largest and most influential solar industry event in South Africa, the Solar & Storage Show Africa is considered an excellent platform for foreigner companies to enter the South African market and establish in-depth business relationships locally. Projoy took this great opportunity to introduce its rapid shutdown, electric box and its components such as MCB, SPD, etc.



Projoy rapid shutdown can ensure the solar PV system respond quickly when a fault occurs. Its non-polar design MCB can tolerant ambient temperature from -30℃~+70℃, proving a more flexible and reliable circuit protection solution for the PV system; and its SPD can effectively resist the impact of resist the impact of natural disasters such as lightning on the photovoltaic system, ensuring the stable operation of the system.



In addition, Projoy also showcased our electrical box products that can meet the customized needs of customers. The DC/AC electric boxes adopt advanced production technology and materials. Along with features such as protection level up to IP65, high flame retardant level, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance, the products can provide excellent protection performance and durability, and can be widely used on households, industrial and commercial photovoltaic power generation systems. The internal structure of the electrical box is reasonably designed to facilitate installation and maintenance, guaranteeing customer a the stable operation of the system.



Due to the rising power load pressure and costs, South African residents have increasingly demanded more sustainable energy solutions in recent years. It is expected that the country’s photovoltaic power generation will reach 23.31TWh by 2026 and will continue grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29.74%. In addition to that, South Africa plans to reach a cumulative installed capacity of 27.6GW of renewable energy in 2030, of which solar will achieve a cumulative installed capacity of 8.2GW.


As a professional electrical safety components manufacturer in the solar industry, Projoy strives to not only provide customers with excellent electrical accessories, but also to guarantee the solar system safety.