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Keep Your Eyes Open, That’s All We Can Say For Now

Date: 2024-04-29

With the development of the global economy, new energy power has become more and more common in our daily production and consumption. Meanwhile, the safety requirements for photovoltaic power system equipment are also getting crucial, which leads to the increase in the demand for better circuit protection devices.  


Miniature circuit breaker, as an essential part of the PV solar and energy storage system, can help prevent accidents and promote a secure working and living environment. In 2013, Projoy Electric has launched DC miniature circuit breaker (PEBS series) for energy storage system use. Within a decade of development, the company has won an excellent reputation and gradually became the main supplier of numerous of leading energy system manufacturers around the world, such as BYD, PYLONTECH, SUNGROW, etc.  



While market dynamics keep changing with time, Projoy Electric understands the customer demand changes, and adapt our strategies to leverage these new opportunities. Now we are excited to share a big news ---- we are launching a new version of the miniature circuit breaker!