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Projoy Making A Stunning Appearance at The Solar Show in The Philippines

Date: 2024-05-21

On May 20th, The Solar and Storage Live Exhibition was held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, the Philippines. As a professional manufacturer of electrical equipment and solar energy safety components, Projoy made a stunning appearance with its featured products such as rapid shutdown, micro inverter, electric boxes and components, etc. showing the excellent technical strength and product charm of the company to the world. 



As the largest energy conference and exhibition in the Philippines, the Solar and Storage Live brings together government representatives, power companies, project developers, investors and solution providers, providing a valuable opportunity for the solar industry to explore business opportunities and strengthen exchanges.


Projoy has attracted many professional visitors and industry insiders to explore. Everyone expressed strong interest in rapid shutdown products, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with our experts.


As one of Projoy's star products, the PEFS series rapid shutdown has won great recognition for its efficient and safe features. In solar photovoltaic systems, rapid shutdown technology can cut off the current in a very short time, effectively preventing electric shock accidents, and providing a safer operating environment for installers and maintenance personnel.



In addition to rapid shutdown products, Projoy also showcased a series of high-quality component products such as DC Isolator, DC MCB and SPD, demonstrating the company’s deep heritage and innovation capabilities in the field of solar safety. These components are not only safe and efficient, but also well-designed and easy to operate, which can meet the needs of different customers.



The Philippines is a special island country composed of thousands of islands, with abundant sunlight and abundant solar energy resources, which is conducive to the installation of small households and commercial photovoltaics. In order to solve the problems of high electricity prices, difficult power distribution, power outages and power shortages in remote and backward areas, the local government encourages citizens to use photovoltaic power generation. 


In 2022, the regulations of the Renewable Energy Law were amended, removing the restrictions on energy development and utilization, allowing 100% foreign capital to enter the renewable energy industry, reducing project costs and promoting the development of renewable energy. With technological advancements and policy support, the Philippines is expected to achieve a larger-scale application of renewable energy in the future, providing strong support for economic growth and social development.


Since its establishment, Projoy has always been deeply engaged in the solar and energy storage industry, and is committed to providing customers with safe, efficient and reliable solutions.