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Australia SAA Certificate of DC Isolator fails collectively, Projoy China's first local Australian certificate takes the lead

Date: 2021-10-08

On Oct. 01, 2021, SAA Approvals Pty Ltd in Australia dropped a bomb, officially notifying all AS60947.3:2018 reports obtained through ZTME laboratories to be invalid, which also means that almost all the DC isolator certificates issued by SAA are invalid. Starting from Jan.01, 2022, DC external isolator sold in the Australian market must have new certifications. Currently, only those DC isolators that have passed the TÜV Rheinland Australia and obtained the AS60947.3:2018 report can meet the Australian market requirements!


<Projoy obtained China's first Australian AS/NZS4417 local certification in advance>

As early as the beginning of August 2021, all series of PEDS16-55A (300V~1500V) DC isolators of Suzhou Projoy New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. ("Projoy") passed the Australian AS 60947.3:2018 and AS/NZS IEC 60947.1:2015 standards. After testing, it was the first company to obtain TÜV Rheinland Australia certification. This is the first China DC isolator brand to be certified in Australia!

After checking with the certification body, the failure of the Australian SAA certificate will not affect the sales of Projoy’s PEDS series of DC external isolators in the Australian market, because the TÜV Rheinland Australia certification obtained in advance confirms Projoy’s PEDS 16A~ All 55A series including PEDS-EL DC external isolators meet the latest requirements of Australia, and the products can be sold and used normally in the Australian market!


<The Australian market's photovoltaic inverters are officially listed on the requirements of DC isolator>

In 2020, Australia issued the new AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 standard. Only inverters that meet the Australian standard AS/NZS 4777.2 can be used for photovoltaic system design and installation. This standard took effect on Dec. 18, 2020. The old version list of standards will expire on Dec. 18, 2021. This means that after Dec. 18, 2021, all inverters that only pass the 2015 version of the standard test will no longer be eligible for marketing. The release of this new standard forces all inverters sold in the Australian market to pass New safety certification.

At the same time, Australia's EESS (Electrical Equipment Safety System) new policy requires that the inverter model must be listed in the relevant certification list of DC isolators that meet the DC-PV2 use category before it can be sold in the Australian market. The release of this requirement means that if the built-in isolator products need to be sold in the Australian market, they need to meet three major conditions:

1. The built-in DC isolator integrated in the inverter needs to meet the latest Australian requirements (and currently only Projoy has obtained the latest Australian certification in China)

2. Photovoltaic inverters need to be re-certified for safety regulations

3. The integrated built-in isolator of the inverter needs to be certified for the whole machine

The release of this regulation indicates that it is more difficult for the built-in isolator to be integrated on the inverter to be sold to the Australian market. In addition to the built-in isolator that must meet the latest requirements of the Australian market separately, the photovoltaic inverter must also pass the new safety certification separately. The two need to be combined together to do the whole machine test. Projoy’s PEDS16-55A series of HM and PM built-in isolation switch products have been the first company to obtain the latest TÜV Rheinland Australia certification, meeting the inverter CEC listing requirements, and complying with the new EESS regulations, with inverter "light temperature rise" Test qualifications. Projoy will assist the inverter company in obtaining relevant permits in accordance with the above three requirements to increase the competitiveness of inverter products in the Australian market.


Since its establishment, Projoy has always insisted on focusing on the R&D and production of low-voltage electrical products in the photovoltaic field. In the face of changing markets, Projoy has always insisted on continuously improving product performance and serving customers with the best products. In the changing Australian photovoltaic market, whether it is an external isolator solution or a built-in isolator integrated into the inverter solution, Projoy’s first Australian AS/NZS4417 local certification certificate owned by Projoy will create opportunities for customers to open the Australian photovoltaic market .