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Full types & multi-contacts of PROJOY electric PV DC Isolator passed UL508i certificate

Date: 2017-12-21

In recent years, with the favorable photovoltaic policy, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants has been constantly expanding, and its corresponding voltage requirements have also been raised. Recently, in order to meet the growing needs of the photovoltaic industry, Projoy 1500V series DC switch has been successfully obtained TüV Rheinland Group issued TUV certification. This certification marked Projoy became the world’s first isolator to pass the IEC 60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 new standard test and the only DC isolator in China to pass the 40A, 55ATUV certificate.


In order to achieve higher voltage and higher current, Most of manufacturers currently on the market use 3 or 4 poles in series to approach 1000V 40A. In this case, the same current needs more switch layers, not only the structure is more complex and larger, and the deviation is larger. Because, often 3, 4 contacts in series production consistency is difficult to guarantee the actual performance, so samples sent to the test body will be biased. Failures of such products are even higher because most manufacturers do not have the ability to fully test incoming electrical isolators. The PROJOY 40-55A DC switch products are single-channel two-stage contacts in series to 1000V and 1500V, so the current may reach 40A / 55A, more stable performance!

In order to meet the needs of the European standard 1500V photovoltaic system, PROJOY 16A-32A series DC isolator has further passed all the tests of the American UL508i 1000V.

PROJOY is currently the first and only manufacturer in China that has passed the UL testing of -2 / 4/6/8 / 2H / 4S / 4H and all other multistage models. This is because most of the string inverter inverter models have 2 and above MPPT. For example, the current domestic market, the main poverty alleviation and household photovoltaic market are 5kW ~ 8kW system. Because the unit cost is less which can make full use of idle roofs and courtyards to obtain greater benefits. Considering that the majority of residents in the U.S. market have larger roof areas, the most popular systems are basically 4kW and above. Inverter products of this power are basically designed as 2-way or 3-way MPPT, and almost all industrial and commercial three-phase inverters are designed as multi-channel MPPT in order to improve system connection flexibility and reduce the number of strings Mismatch between.

Therefore, in order to meet the market demand for MPPT string inverters 1-4 series, PROJOY full range of product lines passed the UL test, once again fill the gaps in the domestic photovoltaic DC switch certification to meet the different selection requirements.



PROJOY UL test report

The UL508i standard is a standard issued by the UL certification body for photovoltaic isolation switch products. It has very high requirements on the key data indexes such as the electrical life of the PV switchgear, the overload operation capability under extremely high ambient temperature and the flame retardant performance.

Through the comparative analysis of the table below, we can see that the UL508i test has higher requirements on the withstand impact of the DC isolator. At the same time, increase the icing test and blessing test, closer to the real use of the environment, the simulation of extreme weather conditions. And in the test of the sub-section, operating performance, ambient temperature and other experiments, UL508i TUV is to take a different combination of tests. UL requirements in the oven at 72 ℃, the frequency of 600 times / hour, continuous test without stopping, set the rated pulse voltage up to 8000V, DC switch products required to achieve overloaded 50 times, electrical life of 6000 times, the mechanical life of 4000 times the performance! Compared with the TUV300 electrical life, UL508i electrical life requirements of 6,000 times, 20 times the TUV test!


As the first company in China to pass IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 new standard test, the only one-channel product has 40A and 55A TUV certificates. At the same time, it is also the only manufacturer in China that has passed the UL test for its full range of products. Projoy has been committed to become the first brand of DC isolator in China since its establishment. In order to establish a household photovoltaic industry standard system and promote the healthy development of household photovoltaic industry, Nov. 26 Projoy will jointly with 300 million houses, Chint Tower, Natong Energy, Lev Cloud Platform, CTC National PV Testing Center, TUV North Germany, Huaxia Gold Rent, Huamao Trust, dozens of well-known industry units jointly set up China’s household photovoltaic standardization Union. The alliance will continue to improve the technical standards in the industry, improve the overall industry capacity, strengthen industry-wide cooperation outside and inside to promote the overall standardization of PV users in China and solve the current situation that there is no standard to follow.