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PROJOY 2016 PROMO Shows Brand Glory and Quality

Date: 2015-11-26

Benefiting the world and illuminating the future! As PROJOY slogan, it shows the best interpretation of the spirit of enterprise. PROJOY 2016 promo was recently finished where there shows the corporate culture, R&D capability, international marketing and other aspects of strength of PROJOY.


Projoy Electric SRL. is a professional electrical manufacturer, which is dedicated to energy conversion devices production and energy intelligent management with high and low voltage DC switch, intelligent components, and sensors. PRPJOY, headquartered in Milan, Italy, has set up subsidiary companies in quite a few countries such as the UK and China to serve international sales.

April 2015: PROJOY introduced the new DC rated voltage 1500V series switch PEDS

For a long time, the high cost of photovoltaic power generation has always been one of the obstacles restricting the rapid development of the PV industry. How to effectively reduce the cost of PV systems, improve power generation efficiency will continue to be the core issue of the future development of photovoltaic industry. At present, the mainstream of photovoltaic modules and related components are based on the DC voltage 1000V designed and manufactured , the cost and efficiency of power generation are also difficult to meet the needs of large-scale photovoltaic power plants and large-capacity power plant, so the development of photovoltaic products have been associated 1500V is a trend.

To accommodate this industry new idea, PROJOY introduced the new DC rated voltage 1500V series switch PEDS on April 2015, including internal, enclosure DC switches and enclosure AC switches. There are four main types of internal DC switches: panel mounting, single hole mounting, distribution board and door clutch; four main types of enclosure DC switch:M25, MC4, M16 + Cable Gland, and M25 + Cable Gland. The release of new products, further demonstrates his keen perception and rich experience in product development.


Projoy Electric has three R&D bases across the globe and is manned with the most professional team in the electrical and intelligent power application sectors. With their own unique creativity and advanced technology, Projoy Electric has successfully won a number of international certifications, CE, IEC, UL508i, TUV and AS60947.1 / AS60947.2, etc., and has a number of core patents of DC switches, smart sensors and other product components.

September: Projoy proposed new PID solutions

September 2015, Projoy launched a new product, Anti PID device, which adopts the principle of reversible PID, where during the night a positive bias voltage is imposed on modules and hence the PID effect is neutralised.

Projoy-PID and the inverter are connected in parallel to DC input and a high voltage is applied between the negative of photovoltaic modules and the ground (PE) while intelligent adjustment can be performed on the DC input voltage. At night, it can discharge the electric charges accumulated during the daytime because of the negative bias between the negative and the ground in PV modules and thereby repairs the photovoltaic modules where PID has occurred. This device is featured with ground-PV modules insulation resistance inspection (including PV modules and inverters, system impedance must be greater than 200kΩ) and grid voltage detection.

By the superior quality of the product and the efforts of the marketing team, the market share of Projoy has gradually expanded and now the marketing network covers more than 120 countries and regions, supplying products to more than 60 PV companies worldwide. Projoy Electric will continue to adhere to the development of professional, intelligent, modular product lines, to make a premium supplier for specialty electronic components and intelligent sensors in the field of smart grid transmission and distribution, intelligent energy management.