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PROJOY ELECTRIC fully supports the 2017 Global Smart Inverter Application Technology Summit and make

Date: 2017-07-04

2017 Global Smart Inverter Application Technology Summit will be held, PROJOY Electric Co Ltd as the cooperation of the General Assembly, fully support the convening of the General Assembly and “photovoltaic DC switch selection and application analysis” wonderful report. The conference attracted a large number of excellent inverter companies to actively participate, including the PROJOY clients: Growatt, Sungrow, Kstar, SMA, SAJ, Trannergy, Chintpower, Omnik etc.

PROJOY (PROJOY Electric Co., ltd) is a professional electrical manufacturer dedicated to providing high and low voltage DC isolators, intelligent components and intelligent sensors for energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management. Headquartered in China, the company has three major research and development bases worldwide (Italy, Milan, China, Suzhou, China), while in Italy, Britain, China and other countries set up subsidiaries to meet international marketing needs.

Since established in 2011, the company has introduced 16-32A, 40-55A series photovoltaic DC isolators and 20-80A series photovoltaic AC isolators, always focus on product development & marketing, to become the pioneer of technology, always adhere to the “Switch to Safety” Corporate philosophy, committed to become the world’s leading supplier of the inverter & PV power plant program!

Won the world’s first IEC latest standard IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 TUV certificate

For the PV low-voltage electrical products, IEC International Electro technical Commission in 2016 updated the new standard IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015. In contrast to the old standard IEC60947-3 (ed.3.1): 2012, the new standard also poses a higher demand for product performance.

Recently, PROJOY ELECTRIC announced that its 1500V series DC isolator 40A, 55A has been successfully awarded the German TüV Rheinland Group issued TUV certificate.


Won this certificate marks the PEDS series 40A, 55A DC isolator to become the world’s first isolation switch passed IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 new standard, but also the only DC isolator get 40A, 55ATUV certificate.

Projoy passed this new standard test will undoubtedly set a higher standard for the industry!

Adhere to high standards, become the domestic mainstream inverter manufacturers suppliers

The company has the most professional R & D team in the field of international electrical and intelligent power applications, completely independent intellectual property rights of electrical products and the core patented technology of solar built-in & external DC isolator etc. The use of advanced production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment, the introduction of high-tech process and advanced technical personnel for product manufacturing and quality control provide strong guarantee. At present, the product technology has reached the world advanced level and has access to international certification, including: North America’s UL, CE certification, the Australian SAA certification, TUV certification etc.

According to the staff revealed that currently PV external DC isolators have been sold in batches to the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Italy. In China, PROJOY has passed the domestic mainstream inverter manufacturers all the sample test, and entered the largest domestic and the largest German inverter supplier list.