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PROJOY Electric debuts 2017 Global Smart Inverter Application Technology Summit

Date: 2017-07-20

“2017 Global Smart Inverter Application Technology Summit” of the theme “Wisdom, Efficient and Sharing” was held in Changzhou, China in 11th-July~12th-July. The conference was jointly organized by the China Photovoltaic Leaders Innovation Forum and the Shanghai Solar Energy Society. As an electrical manufacturers who commitment to provide high and low voltage DC isolator to the inverter manufacturers , Projoy Electric fortunately was invited to participate in the meeting. And it together discussed with the participants on the future of the inverter safety design, innovation and technology, intelligent applications and future development, helping solar photovoltaic inverter market development in the future.


At the conference site, PROJOY technical director made a brief introduction of the company, and made an entitled “PV DC switch selection and application” theme report.As we all know, the photovoltaic power station accidents occur frequently in recent years. And according to incompletely statistical analysis, the fire caused by electrical wiring accidents is in a large proportion.According to industry senior engineers, photovoltaic power plant on fire is caused by many reasons. Not only PV modules and the inverter will cause a threat to the power station, and also the improper selection of inverter DC terminals, DC isolators, AC connectors may lead to accident. How to correctly select DC isolators that related to the inverter and the entire power station normal operation. The “photovoltaic DC switch selection and application” report published by PROJOY is based on years of photovoltaic market research and application experience. The meeting site also plan & summary of the PV DC isolator market status and future.


Established in 2011, in 2014 entered the field of high & low voltage DC isolator, 2015 launched the 16-32A PV DC dedicated isolators and 20-80A PV AC isolators. 2016 launched 40-55A PV DC dedicated isolator and 40% sales growth.PROJOY became the world’s first isolaor manufacturers who passed the IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015 new standard in 2017. At the same time, PROJOY is also the only manufactures owned the 40A, 55ATUV certificate.


Projoy always use advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, and constantly introduce high-tech process & advanced technical personnel, which provide a strong guarantee for product manufacturing and quality control. At present, the product technology has reached the world advanced level and has access to many international certifications, including: North America’s UL, CE certification, the Australian SAA certification, TUV certification and etc.