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PROJOY Launched PEDB series upmarket PV Electric Box with Higher safety and reliability

Date: 2016-06-29

With the wide application of photovoltaic systems, electrical components used in these PV systems are facing higher standards, not only because of harsher working environment, but also for challenges from themselves, especially in their withstand-voltage level, breaking capacity and dielectric properties during high voltage conditions. To meet these challenges and customer demands, Projoy Electric Co., Ltd. (in short of PROJOY) expand her production lines further and developed the upmarket PEDB series waterproof PV Electric Box.


Pioneering design, integrated DC and AC power distribution into one box

PROJOY’s PEDB series PV Electric boxes are suitable for a 1~2* strings MPPT input in 1kW ~ 20kW PV system. This product mainly includes 2 parts: DC power distribution and AC power distribution side. As pioneering design to combine DC and AC distribution system into one junction box, it not only greatly simplifies the wiring process, but also improved the security of the system, more convenient for maintenance and effectively protects the safety of users.


Reliability and applicability

The PEDB series PV electric box is researched and developed by Projoy team independently, by adopting high quality power devices and advanced manufacturing technology, her performance is up to top level in world. It is reported that, PEDB series PV Electric box pay more attention to users’ requirements during design to ensure product availability and reliability. With her stable performance, photovoltaic systems’ safety and reliability can be improved greatly.

Made by Polycarbonate enclosure box, with IP66 protection level , as well as her other features such as waterproof, dustproof, UV resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali, salt spray, Anti-corrosion etc., Also because of her less weight ,very easy to carry, the PROJOY PV electric box can meet both outdoor and indoor installation requirements. What’s more, The PV Electric Box has very high robustness, the impact strength can be IK08 to ensure its longer life .Configured with transparent shell, and user can check the internal status without opening, very convenient for maintenance. The PV electric box use professional DC high voltage circuit breaker and max voltage is 1000V, safe and reliable. It allow multiple PV array to access at the same time, the biggest current 32A each, so satisfy different users.


It is reported the PEDB series PV electric box has passed the professional quality testing laboratory accreditation, to ensure every product is safe and reliable.In Projoy, totally there are 6 types PV electric boxes, 11 models for option. What’s more, from here, users can customize products based on their system requirements.



The importance of lightning protection and DC switch in DC side

In residential photovoltaic systems, householders can use a solar inverter with DC switch as standard equipment, or choose a PV electric box with DC switch to ensure system safety. However DC switch is not included in most well know brand solar inverters standard configuration in China, hence configure a DC switch is particularly important in the PV Electric box. As known, PROJOY is the first manufacturer who own EU patents for DC switch. All her dc switches passed rigorous assessment and covered by China Ping An Insurance Company with product liability insurance coverage, the total sum is up to 1000000 USD dollars, giving customers all-round protection.



Lightning is a natural electrostatic discharge in the atmosphere, its electrostatic induction to earth make the opposite charges gather on the ground or buildings surfaces, when the charge accumulate to a certain extent, the electric field intensity among different charge clouds, or between cloud and the earth can penetrate the air, it begin to free discharge, this is called as the “leader discharge.” Up to now, lightning can not be used effectively; people need to take preventive measures to reduce disasters caused by lightning!

Therefore, as a precaution, the DC side of PV systems should be configured with lightning protection especially in mountainous areas or strong lightning activity areas. Through preliminary investigation, most solar system installers almost ignore the importance of lightning protection. PROJOY PEDB series PV Electric box contain 2 parts, the DC side mainly include: DC switch & lightning protector, the AC side include AC breaker & AC leakage protector & lightning protector. With 2 lightning protectors, so it can effectively ensure the safety of equipment to be protected!


In recent years, PROJOY is accelerating her pace in Independent Innovation and achieved good results in developing new products. Unlike single product line in 2015, In 2016 PROJOY will usher more achievements outbreak! It is reported that, in addition to the original DC switch and AC switch product lines, PEDB series PV Electric box has been put into mass production and got orders from domestic and international markets.

PROJOY is committed to combining advanced overseas technology. Well-known brand overseas raw materials and low-cost assemble advantages in China, providing customers with the best cost-effective photovoltaic electrical product solutions.