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PROJOY Launched PEDS series DC switches dedicated for 1500V photovoltaic systems

Date: 2016-06-18

In late April, TUV Rheinland held ” PV / Components 1500V certification” workshops. By the end of May, in the first Technical Group Workshop meeting of the Smart Photovoltaic Industry Association organized by GenGui, the major domestic PV module manufacturers have introduced 1500V modules. At the same time, Sungrow, Huawei, Omnik said they are developing new 1500V inverters. Parties message indicates, 1500V system voltage, or it will become a new industry standard!

To accommodate this industry new ideas, and provide high voltage DC switch, intelligent electrical components and intelligent sensors to energy conversion devices and intelligent energy management, professional electric device manufacturer Projoy Electric Co.,Ltd (the PROJOY ) recently introduced the new DC rated voltage 1500V series switch PEDS , including panel mounting, single hole mounting, distribution board and enclosure DC switch with IP66 waterproof rating. The release of new products, further demonstrates his keen perception and rich experience in product development.

What impact PEDS DC Switch brings to the inverter?

As an important component of the safe shut-off and protection between the PV panel and inverter ( built-in DC switch is generally integrated in the inverter input side), a very important point in developing is safety shutoff or arc extinction to accommodate future 1500V DC voltage PV systems, multi MPPT inputs, harsh environments and other multiple demands.

(1) Meets the 1500V PV system requirements

Due to the advantages of 1500V PV access it is very obvious, especially in ground photovoltaic system, in the future more and more investors will consider access 1500V PV systems. The current PV systems and the devices, components, and auxiliary are based on rated 1000V DC voltage standard, which is bound to a reshuffle and upgrade of the entire PV industry chain. Higher requirements on rated voltage are asked for switches and protection components, not only for the current PV modules and auxiliary, also the inverter and the inverter components, combiner boxes and related devices. For example, the current home rooftop solar power systems are mostly 1 ~ 5kW, and the corresponding PV inverters in most cases, is a tube of 500V (1 ~ 1.5kW 400V, mostly piped). Many alternative solutions, particularly those based upon an AC isolator designs have been modified and rated for DC operation. Over the entire life cycle of photovoltaic system operation , the system cut the frequency and number is not high , this destructive cut at a limited number of operations often allow users to ignore the importance of the PV DC switches. But in the future as the voltage of the PV system further escalation, safety shut-off and arc current high pressure will be very difficult. At present, China in the high-voltage direct current (> = 1000VDC) or low voltage high current DC transmission and distribution system equipment, component suppliers have largely been the monopoly of Europe and ABB, SIEMENS, and other enterprise. PEDS DC switches meet 1500V PV system standard , and can be safely cut up to 58A single-channel multiplexer photovoltaic entire column, full coverage of current and future 1500V string inverter module array of input 1kW ~ 60kW.

(2) Meets the Multi-MPPT requirements of inverters

For some special installation site, such as the irregular shape of the roof, serious shadow blocking, and some uneven, solar panels toward the inconsistent special installation site, a multi-MPPT inverter become the first choice. Not only can reduce overall system material costs, installation costs, save space, but also improve the efficiency and power output. At home and abroad a number of inverter manufacturers are committed to this multi-MPPT inverter research and development, and of course matched DC switch.

Currently PROJOY produces DC switch with 2 ~ 12 Poles, maximum support 6 MPPT, while foreign manufacturers are only 2 ~ 8 Poles, maximum support 4 MPPT.

(3) Meets the smaller and more refined requirements of inverters

Inverter manufacturers improve product performance, while also trying to reduce costs. Products getting smaller and smaller, bigger light, the internal components of the inverter requires increasingly high. Light weight, small size switch highly sought after.

As the leader in DC switch, PROJOY products included inclined 45 °, anti-contact mounting design which allows the inverter assembly easier and more humane. Its small size, high-performance is consistent with the concept of this inverter development, more competitive than foreign brands.

(4) Meets the high-performance requirements of inverters

Inverter performance depends on the internal components, the DC switch is one of the key components of which, where timber is the key. PROJOY PEDS DC switch with V-0 grade insulation material meets overvoltage I ~ III standard, as well as pollution degree 2 environment.

PROJOY Switch with high continuity galvanized copper and copper import contacts ensure good contact, no corrosion, continuity of the high- low DC switching power loss and heat generation is small. Built-in DC switch and enclosure switch can operate at full load -25 °C ~ 70 °C ambient temperature.

As a result of the import of seal and special design, great grip between the shaft and the nut so that the panel or single-hole mounting firmer, inverters and transportation built-in switch firmer, additional built-in switch top comes standard with an inlet gasket , elasticity and water resistance are very good. Even installed on uneven or textured inverter panel can achieve IP66 protection rating requirements.

(5) Meets the diversity requirements of inverters

To meet the demand for the diversity of photovoltaic systems and the inverter, diversity of DC switch is inevitable. PROJOY DC switch with multiple mounting modes: panel, single hole, distribution board, door clutch; optional with reversed contacts and lock, applicable in a variety of cable connector(M25,M20,M16,M12), available in waterproof cable connector or MC4 connectors various of installation requirements. Wherein rotation of the handle with a lock , three position lockable , waterproof handle special is a patented design.

Including the external switches are added interlocking design , users or PV system installation , so commissioning engineers can be cut in a secure and safe operation lock OFF state.

With high standard testing and certification

PROJOY PEDS series have reached the world advanced level and has won various international certifications, including: the EC CE certification, TUV certification as well as the ongoing UL508i certified. The enclosure DC switch have been sold to the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy and India. Photovoltaic built-in switch has become known domestic inverter manufacturers of qualified suppliers.


PV DC Switch Pioneer – PROJOY

Suzhou ProJoy Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional electrical manufacturer committed to provide high-voltage DC switch to energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management system, intelligent components and intelligent sensors.

ProJoy has a professional R&D team in the field of international electrical and intelligent power applications, independent intellectual property rights over electrical product lines completely and multiple core patents regarding solar built-in DC switch, solar external DC switch, smart sensor components and other products. And PROJOY is the exclusive agent of IMO DC switch in China, the qualified suppliers of Sungrow, Growatt, SAJ and other string inverters manufacturers.

Founded in 2012 PROJOY perhaps in general is still a young company, and then for PV this sunrise industry, to seize the opportunity, perhaps change happen only between day and night.

Future 1500V system voltage will become the new standard for the photovoltaic industry, so we must look to the future to become the forerunner technology. PROJOY, Switch to Safety!