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PROJOY is Waiting for you at Global Solar+energy Storage Conference in October

Date: 2021-09-23

In October, the 8th Global Solar+energy Storage Conference & Expo will be held on October 11-13, 2021 on the beautiful West Tai Lake (Wuxi, China). PROJOY will bring a number of star products to the conference.

Global Solar+energy Storage Conference & Expo is a grand event focusing on the development of international and domestic projects and the integrated development of international optical storage and charging. After years of accumulation, it can provide a global leading communication platform for enterprises in the solar industry.

PROJOY Electric is a professional electrical manufacturer dedicated to providing DC isolators, DC miniature circuit breakers, rapid shutdown and other products for energy conversion equipment and energy management systems. PROJOY Electric has a professional R&D team and core patents, and its product technology has reached the most advanced level in the whole world.

In this conference & exhibition, PROJOY Electric will display the various product lines of the photovoltaic industry to provide comprehensive photovoltaic solutions for customers. The most important thing is, PROJOY has also prepared a secret weapon—panel level rapid shutdown.


Nowadays, in the photovoltaic industry, when a fire occurs, the superimposed high DC voltage cannot be cut off after the solar panels are connected in series. If firefighters rush to rescue, this voltage will threaten the lives of firefighters and pose a major personal safety hazard. In response to this situation, European and American developed countries have promulgated relevant mandatory safety standards, which compulsorily require the removal of high DC voltage to avoid personal and property safety risks. PROJOY created a superior product---Rapid shutdown.

PROJOY panel level shutdown is one of the most mature and effective solutions to the PV DC high voltage safety problems in photovoltaic power plants. PROJOY panel level shutdown, that is, in the event of an emergency, the connection between each solar panel can be quickly shut down. In addition, within 30s after the quick-shutdown device is activated, the voltage outside the limit of 305mm from the photovoltaic matrix is reduced to less than 30V, and the voltage within the limit is reduced to less than 80V. At this time, firefighters can rescue the plants under the premise of ensuring their own safety. Therefore, PROJOY panel level shutdown, with its partitioned independent control, light and thin design, and rapid shutdown of components, promoting it becomes a product with more extensive applications and greater demand than array level rapid shutdown.

If you want to know more exciting information, you can go to the booth C-04 of Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center B Hall to consult. At that time, PROJOY will hold a new product launch conference at the exhibition hall on PROJOY panel level shutdown. Look forward to your visit~

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