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Power for love, Projoy participates in charity projects

Date: 2022-02-21

Recently, Projoy cooperated with a Hungarian customer to build a small photovoltaic power station for a poor kindergarten through the local charity organization tunderpakk for heating the kindergarten.


At the beginning of November, the customer mentioned this project to Projoy. The kindergarten was renovated from an old house. There is only a wood-burning stove in the room for heating. Children study, play and live in it. The winter in Hungary is very cold, , a wood-fired oven alone cannot warm the whole room, and burning wood in a closed room is particularly dangerous, so he wanted to use a small solar system to heat the kindergarten. 


Projoy decided to take part in this project as soon as hearing about it. The safety of rooftop photovoltaic power plants should not be underestimated. To ensure the safety of children, Projoy provides PEFS-EL series Array-level rapid shutdown, so that the current can be cut off quickly when there is a fire hazard on the roof.


Since its establishment, Projoy has always taken “Switch To Safety!” as its own responsibility. Projoy is deeply honored to use its strengths to participate in such a meaningful project this time. Influenced by this charity project, Projoy realized that the significance of new energy is not only to improve the earth's ecology, but also to provide cheaper options for many poor areas.

At the same time,Projoy has a strong sense of social responsibility and is determined to continue to devote itself to charity and help photovoltaic poverty alleviation, hoping to bring light and heat to more people in need, and let Projoy's power infiltrate every corner of the world.