Projoy PEDH series Molded Case DC Switch is suitable for DC power distribution network below DC1000V and below Rated working current 500A. It can connect, break and isolate circuits, and provide circuit breaking and overload protection functions.

Isolator & Circuit Breaker Isolating Switch PEDH Molded Case DC Switch, 1000V, 2P/4P, 315A~500A

Product Highlights

Visualization window

Anti-misoperation design

Double breakpoint contact structure

Double spring mechanism, quick opening and closing

Can operate with load

Modular structure design

Diversified operation methods

Various Installation methods

Technical parameter

Rated Insulation Voltage Ui DC1500V Rated working voltage Ue DC1000V Rated thermal current Ith 630A
Rated working currentIe 315A/400A/500A Poles 2P/4P Rated withstand impulse voltage Uimp DC 12000V
Rated short-time withstand current Icw 10kA/50ms Rated short-circuit making capacity Icm 10000A Protection class IP20(Handle IP65)
Mechanical life 8000 times Electrical life 1000 times