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Projoy Electric 2022.Q2 - Exhibition Preview

Date: 2022-04-01

With the liberalization of entry policies in various countries around the world, the impact of the epidemic on overseas markets has become less and less, and exhibitions in various places have begun to be in full swing; at the same time, the global photovoltaic market is still showing a good development trend, and there are countless photovoltaic exhibitions. Projoy's exhibition list for the second quarter of 2022 is coming, follow Projoy's footsteps, first visit the sacred and romantic Amsterdam, and then go to Munich and Sydney together!


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Netherlands International Solar Technology Application Exhibition (Solar Solutions International) closely links photovoltaic manufacturers, installers, service providers and end users into one, and has become a well-known brand in the photovoltaic industry in the Benelux. As the top 3 country in EU photovoltaic development in 2021, the Netherlands has launched a photovoltaic subsidy project of 30 million euros since 2016. The solar industry has broad development prospects in the Netherlands. Next month, Projoy will make a wonderful appearance at the K16 booth of the Haarlemmermeer Exhibition Center.


Hangzhou, China


CIES China International Energy Storage Conference is a grand event sponsored by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association that provides a high-end and effective international exchange platform for the energy storage industry. Gather heavyweight energy storage industry experts at home and abroad to explain the development trend of the global energy storage industry in detail. Projoy will bring some star products to booth B25, and will deliver a speech on "Distributed Photovoltaic Energy Storage Safety Issues and Solutions" in the "Energy Storage Safety and System Integration Special Session" forum on the afternoon of April 25th. Please look forward to!


Sydney, Australia


Smart Energy Council Australia is Australia's leading exhibition of battery energy storage, solar energy and smart energy. It has been successfully held for 59 sessions and is committed to providing clean, efficient and cost-effective smart energy for the photovoltaic and energy storage industries. solution. From January 1, 2022, the external disconnectors sold in the Australian market must pass the TUV Rheinland Australia certification, and Projoy's PEDS150-EL series disconnectors have obtained the TUV certification review as early as August 2021. In this exhibition, Projoy Electric will display DC isolating switches and other products at Booth No. 45 of the ICC International Convention Center in Sydney.


Munich Germany


Intersolar Europe is the largest and most influential solar energy professional trade fair in the world so far, bringing together all the well-known international companies in the industry. Germany is the number one country in the EU in terms of PV development in 2021, and has experienced a boom since 2018, driven by the attraction of premium feed-in tariffs for medium and large commercial systems, as well as a proven and tested regulatory scheme. As a brand in the first echelon of photovoltaic rapid shutdown in the European market, Projoy will bring a complete set of DC safety system solutions to the booth 256 in Hall B3 of the Munich New International Expo Center.


Shanghai, China


International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition (SNEC) is the most professional and largest photovoltaic industry event in China, and has great influence in Asia and the world. As a must-attend exhibition for domestic photovoltaic companies, the Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition shows its popularity from the booth reservation. As a professional electrical manufacturer in the photovoltaic industry, Projoy will definitely not miss this leading photovoltaic exhibition. On 12.27-29, Projoy will exhibit a complete set of photovoltaic safety solution products at booth N5-213 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Welcome new and old customers to visit.


Suzhou China


China International Optical Storage and Charging Conference is a grand event focusing on the development of international and domestic projects and the integrated development of international optical storage and charging. Starting from 2021, a new exhibition area will be added, with the "meeting" as the platform and the "exhibition" as the medium, making it more convenient for the industry people to communicate. Projoy participated in the first exhibition of the conference in 2021, and this year will continue to use this first platform for the integration and discussion of the whole energy storage industry chain to maintain full communication with customers. At that time, Projoy will appear at booth F3-13 of Suzhou International Expo Center and look forward to meeting you.


In 2022, Projoy will continue to go all over the world and fully grasp the opportunity of face-to-face communication with customers. Continue to improve its own products and technologies, boost the development of the photovoltaic industry, and achieve a win-win value!