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Projoy Electric showed up SNEC in May

Date: 2018-06-04

The world’s most professional SENC PV POWER EXPO 2018 international conference on solar photovoltaic (PV) and (Shanghai) exhibition was held in Shanghai on May 28th 2018, which included: photovoltaic production equipments, materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic application products and components, photovoltaic engineering and system, covered the photovoltaic industry chain of each link.

Projoy Electric carried AC-DC switches, energy storage switches, enclosure switches, AC connectors, smart electricity meter, intelligent monitoring module and other products to appear at booth E6-260.



The accelerated reform of world energy brings new challenges to photovoltaic enterprises. In this flood of reform, only continuous technological innovation can stand in the forefront if we want to become the leader of the industry.

Since our establishment in 2011, Projoy Electric has been constantly exploring and innovating technologies. A series of new products were unveiled at the 2018 SNEC site. The new products included PEDSC series enclosure type internal and external DC switches. PEBS series of battery DC switches can be integrated on the energy storage inverter or between the energy storage inverter and the battery. PEAS-N rocker arm type internal and external AC switches and built-in intelligent monitoring module distribution box and smart electricity meter, etc.

PEDS 16 to 55 (a) series of photovoltaic AC switches can meet the standard 1500 v photovoltaic system, cut up to the whole column of 58A single channel multiplex photovoltaic safely , full coverage of current and future 1500 v group series inverter type 1 kw ~ 100 kw component array input.





PEDSC enclosure DC Switches, in strict accordance with PV2 voltage standard, independent structure design, higher parameters and stronger protection. 4-pole single load conditions can up to DC1200V/32A, DC1500V/23A.


Projoy proposed a distributed photovoltaic distribution box innovatively, which can put switchgear, test instruments, protection and auxiliary equipments in a metal cabinet, applied to residential and industrial & commercial photovoltaic systems, provide short-circuit, lightning protection, and grounding for photovoltaic systems Protection; IP66 protection rating of the shell, impact resistance, long life; internal devices with CCC, TUV, CE certification; support multiple PV arrays; real-time monitoring of the electrical parameters of the system, in the event of failure, cut off the circuit when over-alarm.


Smart meter built-in GPRS (module) with RS485/RJ45/USB distribution box intelligent monitoring module, and distribution box with 24V power supply to meet the national measurement standards smart meter. The device can perform local and remote mode monitoring, support TCP/IP protocol, with wired/wireless data real-time transmission function, alarm function, derive analysis report, and retrieve historical data (voltage, current, frequency, harmonic, DC component , power scheduling curve, etc.); slight data acquisition error, adapt to high and low temperature environment, high reliability; calculate the yield of power generation.


Projoy Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional electrical manufacturer dedicated to provide high and low voltage DC switches, intelligent components and intelligent sensors for energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management. Since its inception of establishment, the company has always focused on product RD and marketing, and is striving to become a pioneer in technology. Our philosophy of is: Switch to Safety! Safer with them!