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Projoy PEBS-S series circuit breaker receives UL approval

Date: 2022-01-25

Recently, Projoy's PEBS-S series high-voltage DC miniature circuit breaker has passed the UL489 and CSA C22.2 No., 5 standard tests, and has officially obtained the North American UL certification


In recent years, due to the advantages of simple design, large transmission capacity, safety, energy saving, etc., DC circuits have been used in more and more fields. China is also seeking energy structure transformation, and make all efforts to develop photovoltaic and energy storage industries. It is foreseeable that DC power grid will become the important part of the future gird. However, due to the complexity of the main wiring structure and operation of the DC grid, once a fault occurs, it will have a wide range of impacts. 


The DC miniature circuit breaker adopts a special arc extinguishing and current limiting system, which can quickly break the fault current of the DC power distribution system and protect the automatic device from overload, short circuit and other fault hazards. As one of the most important components in the DC system, its stable and reliable operation will directly guarantee the safety of the entire power system. Therefore, the DC system has higher requirements on the switching speed, arc extinguishing ability, high temperature flame retardant performance and reliability of the MCB to achieve precise fault isolation protection.


< Schematic diagram of energy storage system product application: the diagram is taken from the installation manual of GoodWe energy storage inverter >

PEBS-S series high-voltage DC miniature circuit breakers strictly select high-quality materials, with excellent quality and strong performance. They are mainly used in DC systems that require breaking and protection such as photovoltaics and energy storage. They can be used in energy storage grid-connected inverters, energy storage off-grid inverters, charging piles, etc., and provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection for high-voltage DC circuits. The maximum rated voltage is 1000VDC, and the rated current can reach 80A. It has a scientific arc extinguishing and current limiting mechanism, which can quickly disconnect the fault current on the DC side and ensure the reliable operation of the DC system. Non-polar design, by changing the distance between the moving and static contacts, shortening the current jumping distance and increasing the arc ignition coil, the DC arc can be introduced into the arc extinguishing chamber no matter which direction it enters. The arc chute cuts the arc into small segments, thereby cutting off the fault. Compared with the traditional DC micro-break that can only be protected in one direction, the protection effect is better. In addition, by increasing the size of the moving contact, the electrical life is up to 1500 times, and the mechanical strength is increased by using two steel needles, and the mechanical life is up to 20,000 times.


<PEBS-S Series MCB>

Previously, Projoy's HVDC miniature circuit breaker has obtained TUV certification and EU CE certification, and this time it has obtained UL approval, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the safety of global energy storage systems and helping the development of the global energy storage field.