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Projoy Panel-level Rapid Shutdown obtains both EU CE and North American ETL certifications

Date: 2021-12-30

Recently, Projoy's PEFS-PL series panel-level rapid shutdown devices successfully passed the the tests of North American UL1741:2010 Ed.2+R:16Sep2020 and EU EN 60947-2:2017+A1: 2020 standards and obtained the North American ETL and EU CE dual certification.  Projoy has become one of the leading domestic electrical manufacturers whose rapid shutdown series products all obtained international certification.

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The rapid shutdown series are installed on the Photovoltaic modules to protect the safety of photovoltaic power plants by cutting off the current from the modules to the inverter in the event of a fire hazard.


Under the "dual carbon" goal, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants continues to grow with the Implementation of “Whole-county Advancement”. The number of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects is huge, the area is scattered, and the surrounding environment is complicated. It is quite difficult to manage safe production. Due to the complex environment and unstable product quality, the risk of fire in photovoltaic power plants is high. In June, 2021, the roof photovoltaic fire of the Baoshide Machinery Factory lasts 4 or 5 hours in Suzhou Park; Just on the same day, Amazon also had a roof photovoltaic power plant fire accident, causing about 500,000 US dollars loss. The frequent fires of photovoltaic power plants pose great threats to the life and property safety of owners. In this context, how to prevent the fire risk of photovoltaic power plants has become an urgent problem for the government and photovoltaic enterprises to solve.


On November 24, the China National Energy Administration issued a notice on “Strengthening the safety work of distributed photovoltaic power generation (draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), putting forward suggestions on further strengthening the safety work of distributed photovoltaic power generation and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

"Install arc fault circuit breakers or use components with corresponding functions to realize intelligent arc detection and fast cut-off functions." stated in the notice. "Photovoltaic modules shall have safe turn-off protection function to ensure that the DC voltage value outside the system sub-array is lower than the safe voltage value after the inverter is turned off and AC power is cut off." This notice gives general directions for the improvement of distributed photovoltaic safety, and proposes a specific solution to the problem of "DC high voltage" in photovoltaic power plants. That is, the rapid shutdown function of the modules.


The concept of fast shutdown was first proposed by the National Electrical Code (NEC). In 2014, NEC issued the NEC2014 690.12 "module-level self-shutdown solution" standard, which for the first time required the rapid shutdown function of photovoltaic systems. In the 2017 version of NEC690.12 standard, there are more specific requirements for this rapid shutdown: the distance to the photovoltaic matrix is 305mm as the limit. Within 30 seconds after the rapid shutdown device is started, the voltage outside the limit is reduced to below 30V and the voltage in the boundary range is reduced to below 80V. That is, it is required to achieve "module-level shutdown". This requirement was enforced in the United States in January 2019.


As the first country in the world to impose mandatory requirements for rapid shutdown, the USA is also the country with the most stringent standards and requirements. Therefore, few rapid-shutdown products can pass the UL standard certification. Projoy is honored to be one of them.

After the actual test of the power station, the actual shutdown time of Projoy's module-level rapid shutdown is less than 10s. And it has real-time temperature monitoring. When the temperature rises to 85℃, Projoy's panel-level rapid shutdown will automatically cut off the DC current to prevent high temperature causing fire.


Projoy not only has 80V module-level rapid shutdown for North America, but also has 120V panel-level rapid shutdown for Europe and Asia Pacific areas along with more cost-effective string-level rapid shutdown. The products above all have obtained corresponding international certifications, and are available for customers with different needs to choose freely.


As a DC safety expert in the field of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage battery, Projoy has been adhering to its original intention, focus on the subdivision track of installation of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage, and is committed to providing high-quality guarantee for the safety of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage systems. Just like Projoy's corporate mission that has been insisting on for many years: "Switch To Safety!"


In the future, Projoy will continue to use scientific and technological innovation to tackle key technologies and grasp the initiative in future development. It is believed that Projoy will surely become a benchmark manufacturer in photovoltaic industry and energy storage system. We will continue to contribute to the national carbon neutral goal with high quality and promote the rapid development of the new energy industry.