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Projoy exhibited at ENEX in Poland

Date: 2022-04-14

Recently (2022.2.23-24), the 2022 ENEX (ENEX New Energy expos), which is very influential in the European market, was held in Kielce, Poland. Even in the haze of the epidemic, the scene was very lively, it demonstrates the vigorous vitality of the new energy industry.

Projoy as a DC safety expert in the photovoltaic field, cooperated with local customers in Poland to bring Projoy star products to the exhibition site, attracting an endless stream of customers to visit and attracting great attention from Polish customers.


Projoy's main focus at this exhibition is the Projoy PEFS-EL array-level rapid shutdown, which is very popular in the Polish market. As Projoy's hot product, it has quickly occupied the high ground since it entered the Polish market, leading Projoy to become the Tier. 1 brand in Poland. The market share is quite high, and the products are used in many photovoltaic projects.

Many countries in Europe and the United States have rigid requirements for the rapid shutdown function of photovoltaic systems: photovoltaic systems on all buildings need to have the ability to achieve rapid shutdown in emergency situations. The Polish government also put forward this proposal, Projoy PEFS series rapid shutdown fully meets this international standard.

When a fire occurs in the photovoltaic system, the AC terminal current will be disconnected first. PEFS-EL Series Rapid Shutdown will collect the power outage signal, if the outage time exceeds 5 seconds, it will automatically disconnect the isolator switch and then disconnect the DC side, creating a safe environment for firefighters. On the other hand, with the advanced temperature sensor monitoring the temperature inside the casing in real time, the switch can be automatically turned off when the internal temperature exceeds 70°C to prevent the fire of the photovoltaic power station.

Projoy’s PEFS series rapid shutdown has the function of resetting automatically. When the AC power supply is turned off (such as a power cut) and then the supply is restored, the PEFS series can reset and connect the circuit quickly and automatically. No need to reset it manually each time.

When Projoy's PEFS series rapid shutdown is installed in a photovoltaic system, if the AC circuit is not energized, such as during a power outage, power line maintenance or grid failure, the DC circuit will automatically shut down. This will greatly extend the life of the PV inverter and make it safer to repair or replace the PV inverter.

Projoy PEFS series rapid shutdown adopts industrial-grade capacitors and motors, and strictly controls the key internal components. It is suitable for residential photovoltaic systems or industrial and commercial photovoltaic systems. The design life can meet the operating requirements of photovoltaic systems for 25 years.

Although the epidemic is raging, Projoy still participates in ENEX Poland with the help of the agent. In addition to the exhibition, Projoy also placed advertisements on the website of the photovoltaic industry in Poland, which fully reflects Projoy's high attention to the Polish market.


In 2021, Projoy fully upgraded the PEFS-EL series rapid shutdown, and launched the PEFS-PL series panel-level rapid shutdown that can disconnect each photovoltaic panel in the event of a fire. Based on a more complete product series and deeper technical strength, Projoy will firmly maintain its leading position in the Polish market, and further radiate and capture other European markets.

Projoy has been committed to the global layout, and has been deeply involved in the European photovoltaic market for many years. With its excellent product quality and excellent product performance, it has been widely recognized by European customers.

In the future, Projoy's layout in overseas markets will still focus on Europe, adhere to the brand concept of "Switch To Safety!", provide customers with better products, and promote the green and sustainable development of the global photovoltaic industry.