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Projoy is participating in exhibitions in three different countries simultaneously!

Date: 2023-08-30

Projoy is participating in exhibitions in three different countries simultaneously! Intersolar South America in Brazil from August 29 - 31, ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK 2023 (ASEW) in Thailand from August 30 to September 1, and The 10th China International Optical Storage and Charging Conference in Suzhou from August 30 to September 1. We are expecting to meet our old, new and potential clients face-to-face in the season of harvest.


08/29 - 08/31, Intersolar South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil


In Brazil, the capacity to generate renewable energy corresponds to 84%, higher than the world average of 38%. In 2022, Brazil was the 8th country in the world in terms of installed solar power capacity (24.079 GW). Now, solar energy becomes the third largest source in the country, only behind hydro and wind power.



As the largest exhibition and conference for Latin America’s solar industry, Intersolar South America gathers exhibitors from around the world to showcase cutting-edge solar energy products and promote sustainable energy solutions. Come and visit us at booth W2.80A and discover more about our newest version of electric box.


08/30 - 09/01, ASEW, Bangkok, Thailand


Propelled by supportive government policies and with a target of reducing GHG emissions in 2030 to 20.8%, the Thailand Solar Energy Market size is expected to grow from 3.90 gigawatt in 2023 to 5.52 gigawatt by 2028, at a CAGR of 7.20% during the forecast period (2023-2028). In addition, the country plans to add 50 MW of residential rooftop solar and increase up to 250 MW by 2024.



Being a leading RSD supplier in Thailand Market, Projoy is showcasing our star products including Firefighter Safety Switch, Rapid Shutdown series and Micro Inverter at ASEW 2023, the region’s most comprehensive and largest energy and environment exhibition.

08/30 - 09/01, The 10th Int’l Optical Storage and Charging Conference, Suzhou, China


In terms of pure solar power volume growth, China is absolutely in a league of its own. The latest quarterly report by the China Electricity Council titled Operational Situation of Electric Power Industry from January to March 2023 indicates that solar (inclusive of both PV and CSP) grew at 33.7% year on year since 2022. 

At the exhibition, Projoy is displaying the newest version of DC Isolator and MCB, which have already been widely recognized and became the choice for major inverter manufacturers in China.



We believe that participating in exhibitions will not only allow us to network and grow the marketing strategy and brand recognition, but more importantly, it truly helps us understand our clients and their demands better. Be sure to stop by our booths and chat with our professional teams.