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The exhibition does not stop, the pace does not stop! Projoy makes a wonderful appearance at Solar & Storage Live UK

Date: 2022-10-21

At 9:00 a.m. local time on October 18, 2022, the British international solar energy and energy storage exhibition Solar & Storage Live UK was grandly opened at the Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center in the United Kingdom. More than 200 well-known manufacturers in the optical storage industry from all over the world gathered here to discuss solar energy and energy storage technology innovation and future energy development.


As a professional supplier of security solutions in the field of optical storage and DC, Projoy has been deeply involved in the UK market for many years, and has built a professional marketing and after-sales team.


According to foreign media reports, the British government released an energy security strategy detailing the goal of increasing the country's installed photovoltaic power generation capacity by five times, and canceled the value-added tax on household photovoltaic systems. This provides strong support for the plan to reach 70GW of photovoltaic capacity in 2035. Against the background of the rapid growth of the number and scale of photovoltaic power plants, the rapid shutdown of photovoltaics has become the focus of Projoy's exhibition for the British market, and has also received a lot of attention from the audience.

Projoy Rapid Shutdown is a product developed for the safety hazards of DC high voltage in photovoltaic power plants. When the temperature is too high or a fire occurs, the PEFS-EL series array level rapid shutdown can quickly cut off the current between the PV modules and the inverter, and the PEFS-PL series module level rapid shutdown can quickly cut off the current between PV modules. Electric current to avoid the expansion of the disaster area and protect the life safety of firefighters.


2022 has entered the last quarter, and the severe and complex international situation and climate environment have shrouded the world in a downturn. Even if the general environment is relatively harsh, Projoy people are still not afraid of difficulties and move forward bravely, continue to appear in major exhibitions at home and abroad, hold seminars locally, and have face-to-face in-depth exchanges with customers and colleagues in the industry. Projoy spreads the concept of "Switch To Safety!" and high-quality, high-performance products all over the world.


Pursuing green and clean energy and ensuring the safety of photovoltaic power generation, we have been on the road.