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Safe and Reliable, Introducing PROJOY SPD Series

Date: 2023-08-14

Surge protector, a device used to protect electronic equipment from power surges or transient voltages. Without the protection of a proper SPD surge protector, transient events can damage electronic equipment and risk costly downtime. 


Having Projoy SPD installed to minimize the potential impact of lightning events. The company offers DC and AC SPD to ensure full coverage of solar applications that need tthehe usage of surge protectors. In addition, Projoy classified DC SPD series to standard and advanced version. The maximum continuous operating voltage can reach 1500Vdc, and the discharge current can reach 40kA.




Projoy AC SPD (PER Series) is suitable for three-phase power distribution system with 50/60Hz and rated working voltage of 230/440V, and passed SPD Ⅰ and Ⅱ test. Among them, the peak value of the impact current of the classⅠis 5kA (10/350μs), and the charge amount is up to 25As. As for the class II, the maximum discharge current is 100kA.


AC SPD.png

The product can help suppress direct lightning, induce lightning or other instantaneous overvoltage, and discharge surge energy, and thereby protect system circuits and load equipment. Moreover, featured with large discharge capacity, low residual voltage, no leakage current, integrated module structure, convenient installation, high safety factor and long service life and more, the product is definitely the right surge protector for your solar applications. You can always contact us to discover more features.