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Statement from PROJOY: Who said Infringement?

Date: 2016-03-17

Recently, PROJOY ELECTRIC SRL received a number of customer complaints about Beijing Green Century technology Co., Ltd (Santon Chinese agent) sending emails on multiple occasions to PROJOY’s existing clients claiming that PROJOY DC switch has infringed Santon’s patented products and there was legal suit ongoing between the two parties. Green Century technology Co., Ltd also warned PROJOY’s clients in those emails saying that if they choose to still purchase from PROJOY their container will be seized by the authority of customs of the Europe and US and PROJOY’s off shore agents will also be brought to charges by Santon directly. Contrary to fact, PROJOY never received any legal notice or correspondence. PROJOY’s PEDS series have been patented in China and EU. Before all products went in production, PROJOY had made detailed comparisons of both products and the conclusion is that our products have not caused any conflicts of intellectual property.

We are against unfair competition

In relation to the Beijing Green Century Technology Co., Ltd’s means of unfair competition, PROJOY has now officially issued relevant legal letters, strongly denounced the false statements by Green Century technology Co., Ltd, and hence their actions have been constituted as commercial defamation and unfair competition, PROJOY requires immediate stop of those infringement actions and to issue a correcting statement to eliminate the influence.

PROJOY and SANTON Patent Analysis

At present, domestic and international isolation switch from structural configuration can generally be divided into two types, the knife gate type and rotary type, in which the use of the rotary isolation switch is more and more widely employed. Most conventional rotary isolation switch exists in the form of a complex structure, high production costs, switch driver easily worn, poor inter-module assembly firmness, occupy large volume, heavier weight, difficult installation and adjustment, poor compatibility and versatility and etc.


Obviously, the structure of PROJOY is much more simple and compact, bears the features of modular design, easy to operate, the assembly is also very simple. At the same time the PROJOY switches have a good seal design, the use of imported seals ensures the final machine to achieve the overall level of IP66. High speed on-off switching mechanism enables the maximum switching time to be less than 5ms. The application of imported insulation class UL94V-0 level flame-retardant materials allows full work load at the ambient temperature of -25 ~+70 degrees.


PROJOY received a number of patents domestically and internationally

At the same time, PROJOY series of photovoltaic DC switch has received a number of practical new model patents as well as the European Union appearance patent. Patent acquisition is conducive to play the advantages of the company’s independent intellectual property rights, the formation of sustainable innovation mechanism, enhance the core competitiveness of the company.



Spur with long accumulation, look forward to the coming 2016

Despite of facing the unfair competition, PROJOY is still full of hope of the development of year 2016.It is understood that our new 2016 introduction video has just been produced. The promo video shows the corporate culture, product development, production, international marketing and other aspects of strength and regroups the PROJOY new image.

By relying on quality of our products and the exploration of the marketing team we are gradually expanding the market space. Currently our marketing network is covering more than 120 countries and regions worldwide, providing PV products to more than 60 companies on global scale. We believe in 2016, PROJOY will continue to adhere to the path of professionalization, intelligentization, production line modularzation to bring quality services to more customers!